Master P Wife Suing Son Romeo Miller During Divorce Saga

Master P’s soon to be ex-wife is suing their son Romeo Miller for what she claims as his interference in their divorce proceedings.

TMZ has reported that Sonya Miller files a lawsuit against Romeo claiming that Master P is using him to hide his assets and income to make it look like he is not very wealthy.

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Sony claimed that P and Romeo formed a new label name No Limit Forever in 2010 which and named Romeo as the founder and owner. She said that label is basically a re-branding of the label and she and her husband founded in the 1990s, No Limit Records.

She also said that Master P earned $750k for the first season of the reality show “Master P’s Family Empire” but he shielded the money by putting Romeo on the payroll.

Seems Sonya Miller is getting messy for putting their son in the middle of their divorce.



  1. Wow seriously? Woman has no class this seems to all about greed.sad really