Trina – Hotline Bling (Remix) Lyrics

I used to, I used to
I used to call you, I used to call you
I used to call you on your cell phone, cell phone

All these ni**as the same
When a bossy bi**h procrastinate and play games
You wanna call my phone on the late night
When you drunk as f**k? You lame
You in love with a stripper?
I’m in love with a clipper
You a brand new ni**a
Got a couple dollars for a broad
And you spend her
Guess you the man
Walking round like Jigga
Bet you never found another bi**h
That come close to this
Cause now I know where your focus is
I’m disconnecting this hopelessness
Remember I was the bi**h you was striving with
All the accolades and the accomplishments
All the time and sweat that I invested in
Now you acting like I’m some dusty chick
I’m hanging up the line, click

Ever since I left the city you
Got a reputation for yourself now
All these bi**hes know and I feel left out
Boy, you tried to play me
Now you stressed out
Cause ever since I left the city, you
I heard you f**king bi**hes, going out more
Throwing all your money on the dance floor
Doint all that s**t I’ve never seen before
I used to call you on your cell phone

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  1. Danielle C Hardin

    ???? in my Trina laugh.