DMX Goes HAM On Other Earl Simmons ‘Pay Your Child Support’

DMX is going HAM on that other Earl Simmons over his whole child support saga. A pap caught up with DMX yesterday and threw a bunch of questions at him regarding his other namesake.

One of DMX baby mama hit the rapper, whose real name is Earl Simmons with a paternity test. The problem is the legal docs ended up in the wrong hands, another man with the same name living in Massachusetts.

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DMX admitted the kids are his but still asking the other Simmons to ante up child support. Jokingly of course.

“Why he ain’t in jail yet?” the rap legend asked. “‘Cause he clearly hasn’t paid so Earl Simmons, pay that mother*****g money. If he wants to pay some extra money, let him pay it. I’ll give him free tickets to a concert.”

It’s always funny to watch DMX speak. We could do this all day but sadly the video is only a minute and eighteen seconds long.