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Chris Brown Confirmed “Sorry” Was Written For Karrueche Not Rihanna

Chris Brown has confirmed that his new song with Rick Ross “Sorry” was in fact written for Karrueche Tran and not Rihanna.

Since the song dropped last week, there has been widespread speculations that he could be singing about Rihanna and or Karrueche Tran.

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Breezy people told Urban Islandz that the track was recorded for Karrueche Tran and not RiRi.

“It was Ross people who contacted Breezy with the idea to do this track given his circumstances of a recent breakup they thought that he would be the perfect guy,” sources told us.

“They were right because it turned out to be a dope single, nobody never really hear Chris Brown on a joint like this. It was definitely written for Karrueche and am sure she listens to it. They don’t talk right now but you would have to be a person with no heart not to be moved by a heartfelt joint like this,” the singer’s rep said.

Even though Brown wrote the song for Karrueche, sources say that there are some traces of it that can be link back to Rihanna.

“You have to listen to the words carefully and you will hear a hint of stuff about Rihanna,” sources added.

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On the track “Sorry” Chris Brown sings about breaking his girl heart leaving her to abandon him.

“Sorry, won’t turn back the clock / Baby I took advantage cause I knew you / Wouldn’t believe it, so I used you / I’m sorry, oh I’m sorry don’t make it right, I know,” Breezy sings on the remorseful joint.

The track will be featured on Rick Ross upcoming album Black Market, due in December of this year.

Brown is also working on his upcoming album title Royalty. The “Zero” singer confirmed that the project will drop sometime this fall.

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  1. Chris said… He’s moved in from both of them so please let him live…

  2. The song isnt about rihanna damn plz get over that failed relationships you dummies are trying to revive with old ass pics they took, rihanna said in a interview they dont talk, there is no type of relationship between them,.the song is about tran if you listen to what he is saying.

  3. The grammatical errors in both this interview and its comment section are astounding. It’s like none of you people went to school. Won’t be wasting my time coming back here. Stupse.

  4. I totally agree 100% with you Cassie, one minute they are saying he said (Chris) don’t blame him for her (Karrueche) fail career, now the lies steal keep coming, please get your facts straight before trying to write a untrue article, stop beating dead horse.

  5. You source is made up by you liars Chris said no such thing. Your Wish is a lie.