Chris Brown To Karrueche ‘Don’t Blame Me For Your Fail Career’

Chris Brown is responding to a recent statement that his ex-girlfriend made about him.

Karrueche Tran did an interview earlier this week in the UK where she said that dating Chris Brown pretty much damaged her career to the point where she is finding it difficult to find her footing in Hollywood.

But Breezy is scoffing at her statement saying that there would be no Karrueche if it wasn’t for him, at least that is what he is telling his people.

“Let’s be clear about it there would be no Karrueche Tran if she didn’t dated Chris Brown,” sources close to the “Zero” singer told Urban Islandz. “The world would not know who Karrueche Tran is if she didn’t injected herself into Chris life after the Rihanna incident. So for she to come around now and blame Breezy for her troubles in the business is disgusting. She should be thanking the homie for making her famous and stop bashing him for her misfortune.”

Karrueche Chris brown fight

During her interview, Karrueche says that she doesn’t speak to Brown anymore and has not done so in months. The aspiring actress split with the R&B singer in March of this year after news surfaced that he is the father of a baby girl name Royalty.

Since their split she has picked up a few acting gigs in the daytime online sitcom Vanity and also in the SyFy film 3 Headed Shark Attack. But she says she is struggling to land major roles because of her past association with Chris Brown.

“A lot of people think I am a weak individual because of past situations and when it comes to business sometimes people don’t want to be involved with somebody like that. Which is understandable, but it s*cks, because I’m not a weak person,” she told BBC.

An inside source close to Brown told us that he is upset that she is blaming him for her problems in Hollywood.

“He is upset but at the same time he is trying to not let it get the better of him,” our sources said. “He has his daughter Royalty to focus on and also his upcoming album so he has been busy in the studio putting in the finishing touches. It’s time for Karrueche to move on and stop talking about Chris in every single interview that she does.”

Chris Brown has a new single out “Sorry” with Rick Ross where he sings about hurting Karrueche and his remorse about loosing her.


  1. K Tran quit your whining! It’s over, finito, a wrap, your fifteen minutes has done passed by & you didn’t do anything with it! Chris Brown is a music star because he makes music he is here to stay if you like him or not! But, Ms Tran time in the spotlight is over because she dropped CB! If she wants back in she better run back to Chris before he falls in love with someone else! Or she will be working a waitress job or something worse the rest of her life! & girl you ant all that pretty anyways!

  2. She s got the nerves to blame him for her non career!!!!! Without him she Will be nothing !!!!! Lol ….. Yeah right !!! Blame yourself for having no talent and tanks him for just being known!!!! Ungratfu? b.tch!!!!! She s really have no shame…..

  3. She s got the nerves to blame him for her non career!!!!! Without him she Will be nothing !!!!! Lol ….. Yeah right !!! Blame yourself for have no talent and tanks him for just being known!!!! Ungratfu? b.tch!!!!!

  4. Y’all need to stop jumping on Karrueche. You guys are just jealous that a regular girl stole Chris Browns heart and it wasn’t you. She loved him and stuck by that boy side for years through all his non sense. So y’all shouldn’t be dogging the girl out she hasn’t done anything wrong. Yes she upset and angry, venting but she has a good reason too. So y’all need to give her and Rihanna a break. Both women loved C.B. and he disappointed both of them. It’s not easy to just walk away when you invest your heart and soul in a relationship so y’all should be a little more understanding of these ladies because C.B. didn’t do anything but break both their hearts. So stop calling them names and being so rude. Give them a break. They’ll move on but right now their venting. We all have been through a break up some of us move on faster than others. Let Karrueche live her life. Stop hating on that girl. Nobody has ever said anything bad about Karrueche or she was a gold digger or using C.B. if anything he was using them. Getting them wrapped up in him and his problems.

  5. Was never a fan of Brown but got so say nice response Chris??? Yeah what ‘career’?

  6. This woman thinks she is an actress. NOT.

  7. Girl exit stage left! In other news…..Have you seen little Royalty Brown! She is a doll! Chris is focused on his new cutie! Royalty living that good life! Awe poor Karreuche. Lol! She makes me laugh! If she want to show people she is not weak, make it on your own and not by the use of Chris Browns name! She on my nerves and I don’t even know her! Typical scorned woman trying to play tough! I thought she moved on with some soccer player!

    • She was photographed shopping with him and at one of his games. She thought she was going to get a reaction from Chris but she failed because he hasn’t made any tweets about her.

      • Chris trying to move on! People keep testing him, trying to bring out that other side! Leave him alone, let him live, and move on! She needs to find her happy place! She having a hard time downscaling that lifestyle she was used to! I can’t feel sorry for her!

      • Karrueche never did nothing wrong to Chris. All she did was love and be by his side. The real reason why girls hate her is because she’s an ordinary girl that stole Chris Brown’s heart and they are jealous it’s not them. Karrueche has been through allot with him and she is just venting. Besides he’s been harassing her since they broke up.

    • You notice her ex housemate ejking is CB’s stylist & has grown closer to the family. Dude has got a job, travels the world & styles while Kae’s looking for a bf to pay bills

  8. Sounds like Karrueche is stating dating Chris Brown was worse than she thought and a big mistake. That might be true but she has to acknowledge that she’s not doing interviews because of her career or any gigs she might have done. She’s known and is asked for an interview because she was dating Chris Brown. I don’t even know what the interview was about besides her complaining about a previous relationship with Chris Brown. So if she really wants to disassociate herself with him, maybe she should stop mentioning him in every interview. She feels she’s more than Chris Brown’s ex than prove it and stop talking about him in interviews or tell the interviewer no Chris Brown questions. Then we’ll see how many interviews she’ll actually get.

  9. Karrueche should move on and let Chris Brown be but if she still needs him in her life then she should forgive him and live in peace….. Chris has alot to focus on and stress is the least thing he wants

  10. I don’t know what going on. First Rihanna comes out with some old sh.. about not speaking and not friends, and being C.B.’s guardian angel, Now Karrueche comes out talking the same sh.. and he ruining her career. Just let it go. Its plenty of men in Hollywood and everywhere. See Hollywood doesn’t do this type of shi.. Look at J Low, She never cried or explained anything about her exes. She just get a new man and its all love. That’s what Hollywood does, They move one. No interviews about ex’s ruining careers, No interviews about caring about their ex till the day they die, No nothing just guess who I’m dating now. Rihanna and Karrueche just move on. Get a new man and then you wont have to talk about him at all. Very simple. Its not that serious.

    • Real talk and you can’t continue to live in the past forever.And to who so ever doing the interviews when they ask just say i do not want to relive that part of my life and move the hell on.Kmt

      • Exactly, they are looking real desperate. Who wants to talk about their ex. Especially when it was a bad relationship. They both say their not friends with him, nor do they talk to him but they talk about him. I’m really glad Chris isn’t responding. They must want his attention.

    • Karruche resents and still feels threatened by Rihanna. Although she is now a non-factor in Chris’ life, she is still trying to compete with Rihanna in the media. She hates that Rihanna acknowledged that she would care for Chris the rest of her life and that Chris was the first and last guy she ever loved. That through Karruche off balance.

      • We’ll karrueche couldn’t have known Rihanna would have said that. Now Rihanna did that interview sometime early September and it was released in October for the November issue. So I don’t think Karrueche is competing with Rihanna. She just want attention. The only way she’ll get attention is if she says something we haven’t heard about Chris Brown. Anything else she’s doing doesn’t grab headlines. Rihanna on the other had is supposively dating Travis Scott but if she’s dating Travis Scott why is she talking about Chris Brown in the interview. Remember her interview was in September and she’s been kissing and romancing Travis Scott in September so what’s really going on. I think Rihanna and Karrueche are both looking for attention. I think Rihanna and Karrueche both still love him but being with him, I think their scared to more than anything and I can’t blame them. What I’m really glad is Chris Brown is ignoring them. He’s not tweeting anything. He’s focusing on Royalty and his career. I think Chris is different now and Rihanna and Karrueche hasn’t realized it yet. They can’t get to him the way they used to. He’s not going to respond and I don’t blame him. Him responding to either of them helps them. Why should he. Rihanna say’s she’ll care about him until the day she dies but she’s making out with Travis Scott publicly. Karrueche was in England with that Soccer player but she sits down to do an interview about Chris. So why should he respond to ex’s that are publicly with other guys. Their only playing themselves and now they will Know they can’t get to him that way anymore. What does Rihanna want to do cause another fight between Travis and Chris like Drake and Chris. What Karrueche want Chris to be beefing with that soccer player in the UK. Like really does Chris have time for that. He’s not intimate with neither or them so why would he. Not anymore. They’ll figure it out sooner or later.

      • I’m in agreement with the things you point out. But did Karruche make her most recent statement about CB after Rihanna’s interview was publicized? If so, she read the results like we did and I think it kind of shocked her that Rihanna had anything to say about CB after all this time. So what does she do? She starts running off at the mouth again and seeking media attention, partly because she feels compelled to say something about Chris because Rihanna had some things to say, and also for the reasons you pointed out (which I completely agree). Rihanna’s interview about Chris was more positive than Karruche’s interview, even though she said they weren’t friends and weren’t talking. However, she did say that she would always care about Chris and a few other sort of nice things, and I bet it bothered Karruche. But if Karruche’s interview took place before Rihanna’s interview and she had no way of knowing about Rihanna’s interview, I guess I should take back my point about her partially competing with Rihanna’s interview.

      • I know when Rihanna did her interview. I really don’t know when Karrueche did hers because I’m a Rihanna fan and I don’t click on blogs about Karrueche. However, I do believe Karrueche did that interview in the UK when she was their hosting and it was a riot or something about something racist. Again, Im not sure. Karrueche just want attention. The ONLY reason Karrueche get interviews is if she can tell something nobody ever heard before about either Chris or Rihanna. She has not accomplished anything worthwhile to be asked for an interview. I don’t think any of the interviews were nice, yes Rihanna’s was nicer. It’s like he’s walking away and they both have one hand on his shoulder trying to pull him back. Chris has a baby now he’s not interested in that nonsense of he ruined my career, I was trying to save him. Read again what both women said. Then tell me exactly whats going on. Desperation, but Chris used to feed into the drama. The old Chris would have tweeted something a day ago on his instagram. It seems like he’s trying to change.

      • Ok, until I learn when Karruche had her interview, I stand by my opinion, but generally agree with the points you make as well. Karruche still cares about Chris, but is very resentful to the point where she takes a shot at Chris every opportunity she gets. She is very immature and it shows. Reading between the lines, Rihanna cares about him too and subtly admits it, but hesitates to reveal her real feelings. Chris knows what’s up with both and is handling the situation better than expected. He prefers to focus on his baby and upcoming album, and that’s what he should do. Each (Chris, Rihanna, and Karruche) are in a tough position because they have their ego, pride, and image to protect.

      • It’s expected for Chris and Karrueche, its been less than a year since they broke up. Karrueche is still hurt and angry about him having that baby on her But Rihanna. It’s been 2 years, and she hasn’t said a word. Now, she decides to do an interview and open her mouth about 2009. She’s done interviews about 2009 before and when it was more relevant. I think Rihanna and Karrueche are in a tough place because they don’t want to speak to him nor be with him and still they just can’t resist talking about him. I wonder how long is this going to go on. I think now that Chris has ignored them. They’ll stop. What do your think? If you don’t want the guy stop jabbing at him. I don’t think it matter with Chris anymore. Royalty really changed his life. Besides, I’m pretty sure Chris isn’t alone.

      • I think you are reading too much into this. Rihanna has been done with Chris a long time ago. She did an interview and they asked her why she went back to him and she gave her answer. That’s all it was. She doesn’t still love him or want to get back with him. She has a right to talk about her past. There’s nothing wrong with that. Just because you speak about your past relationship doesn’t mean your still in love with that person or want them back. I think Rihanna has moved on from Chris Brown and she’s not going back.

      • Give me a break. Rihanna gets to choose what kind of questions they can ask her. Rihanna wants to talk about Chris. If you read her words again its clearly a message to Chris Brown. Honestly the guardian angel comment and becoming the enemy. I don’t have a clue what she was talking about but I bet Chris Brown does. Her words were coded. It was for his ears. ” We don’t talk, Were not friends, but were not enemies either, Were not friends, I’ll care about him untill the day I die.” I still care about him, or i’ll always care about him, but Until the day I die. She was talking to Chris Brown. She wants him to know that. Why if she has moved on. Women don’t speak that way to men they don’t care about. You got all wrong

      • You’re rolling in the truth…lol. Couldn’t have said it better.

      • The real reason why people don’t like Karrueche is because she’s an ordinary girl that stole Chris Brown’s heart and allot of women are jealous it wasn’t them. That girl didn’t do anything wrong to Chris Brown. She is a descent girl and he took advantage of her.

      • Disagree. Karruche was the fame-hungry girl who knew what type of relationship she was getting into in the first place and foolishly put herself in the position to be taken advantage of. Therefore, any hurt and bitterness is her fault. She let her greed for attention and fame ultimately put her in that position. She thought she could circumvent the system (with no education/skills/talent) off of Chris Brown’s fame; and now she has the audacity to blame him for career rejections she’s received. Karruche should prepare herself educationally instead of looking for hand-outs and being in denial about her lack of talent; and she should also keep her diarrhea of the mouth in check.

      • I disagree. Any woman Chris Brown dates like most celebrity are going to get that type of attention. Karrueche has just started trying to pursue acting. For the longest time she was working with Chris Brown on his clothing line. She didn’t ask for the attention, the attention came to her because of Chris Brown. Karrueche is a good girl. If he was dating a hood rat. That girl would have 2 babies by now receiving child support like his baby momma, trying to take him to the bank. Karrueche never tried to trap him, She was always there for him. I bet you never really asked Chris for much. Everything she got from him he probably wanted to give her. Karrueche is a beautiful girl who was dating a celebrity and why not try to start a career. Whats wrong with that. Why not use his fame to help yourself. He’s her man and she’s his girl, that’s how it’s supposed to be. Karrueche has always worked, hosting shows, and making money on her own. She never tried to use him. She was good to Chris Brown which is why he was fighting so hard to get her back. Chris knows Karrueche was Green. He had that girl doing all kinds of things she probably didn’t expect because she was Green. Karrueche may be one year older than Chris but Chris mentally was 5 years older than her.

      • Ok, you made a fairly good argument and I agree with your points to a certain extent. I do think Chris does make good choices when it comes down to choosing the women he decides to have an actual relationship with in his life. So far, in his young life he has chosen Rihanna and Karruche, and I have to say, they were pretty good choices, although mistakes were made and they have all moved on.

      • Stop the BS back and forth. The truth is Chris is happy to get this dependent off his back. Thinking about this loser is ZERO.

      • We all read the interview RI had nothing derogatory to say about Chris so do not make it seems otherwise. Your comprehension is off. KT was trying to make Chris look bad and pity for herself which makes her look like a fool.

      • Your comprehension is off. i never said Chris was into either of them. Rihanna’s interview was very condescending and confusing. There’s really no reason for either of them to be talking about Chris at this point neither are with him, nor speak to him. That was my point. Since they are speaking of him in interviews, I question their motives.

      • No more long story IDIOT.

      • Rihanna only talk about Chris brown in this one article and you guys are going crazy. Chris brown talked about Rihanna over in the UK and he even played Rihanna song bbhmm. He stated that Rihanna will always his b for life. And Rihanna stated she will always love him. Sound equal to me.

      • I didn’t interpret Rihanna’s comments as derogatory either. I think she gave just enough in the interview to show she cared/and still cares about Chris. And she also noted that Chris was the first and last real relationship she’s had, which should have sent a message to Drake and the others who have dated her that she fell in love with Chris and no one else.

      • And your point? Chris was the first for RI and as for KT she was around the block many times. It came from her own mouth in her interview. The icon rules.

      • Obviously you misunderstood what I conveyed. Let me break it down. I actually agreed with your comment that Rihanna didn’t say anything derogatory about Chris. I further added that Rihanna’s words in the interview showed that she cared about Chris; and she also acknowledged that the only real relationship she ever had was the one she had with Chris (by that she was inferring that there was no real relationship with the other people she dated). I was speaking only about Rihanna in my response to you and I was agreeing with you. (I said nothing about Karruche in my response to you so there was no need for you to reference her in your response back to me, and I am aware that she’s been around the block…for sure).

      • Just shut up and write a book about your own life. IDIOT.

      • You can’t even write a sentence, let alone a book. Stop embarassing yourself on here and showing your inability to comprehend. Nobody has time for that!


      • FOOL, you need to get some education like your idol Karruche. Quit putting your foot in your mouth! IDIOT.









      • You are so sick repeating after me. You cannot find your own words LOSER.

      • You are so sick repeating your behavior of PUTTING YOUR FOOT IN YOUR MOUTH. You have no problems finding your own words, TALKING LIKE AN IDIOT. LOSER!



      • Riri has the power to dictate what she discusses in interviews but maybe she wanted to put a closure publicly to the CB situation. But Kae needs these names to be noticed.
        With the football player situation – i live in the UK some of the time & i can tell y’all – it’ll be difficult. First, he’s a young 21yr old playing away in England from his home country of Holland for the 1st time.
        fans of his club are very suspicious of showbiz type chicks dating their players – & they’ll express it – more so cos he’s not having a good 1st season.

      • That’s just it. It seems like she opened up a discussion more than a closure. Especially stating. ” I’ll care about you until the day I die”. That’s not what you say when your looking for closure. Would you tell an ex that you don’t want to be with anymore?

      • Mags like Vanity Fair, Cosmo are very P.R agent led – i call them infomercials. She wanted to put a narrative on their relationship – Vanity Fair exploits it by putting his name on the cover. He’s hamstrung cos if he says anything – they’ll come for him.
        Like someone else noted – Riri’s both a victim of DV & a guardian angel meant to save CB.
        I think in saying she reminded him of his failures & bad times – she was saying he hasn’t forgiven himself. I am sure his time @rehab with the therapist – he addressed letting go of the burden. He just has to stay focused, fallout less with his mum, stay nurturing to his daughter. His non replies to these interviews kills the traffic.

      • That’s why I say her words are coded. Only Chris knows what she’s talking about. I thought they broke up because Chris was torn between Rihanna and Karrueche. So I didn’t understand when Rihanna was talking about bringing up his faults, and failures. Then she became the enemy. It’s coded words. Were trying to figure it out but he knows what she’s talking about. Karrueche is talking to him as well. Sometimes people say things to get the persons attention.

      • With Riri, i think CB probably knew about Travis sometime back – he withdrew from a club hosting they were both booked for in New York . I now wonder what he meant by some IG thing “when you know a ni$$a banging your bit$h” – very similar words.
        A good time to go back & listen to x files – we all have our take on relationships – i think they went in too fast, when he wasn’t completely over Kae plus he had a situation that was undiagnosed – now with meds, therapist, no more probation, young baby – it’s a different mindset.
        On kae – i think he’s over her now – it’ll be interesting to know what his controversial tweet “wow” really meant – i suspect it dawned on him she was going after a soccer player in Manchester.

      • Chris and Travis are friends. I don’t really know if Rihanna is really messing with Travis. She could be but again she did the interview In September and she was kissing Travis in September. Also Travis is Kanye’s artist, Riahanna and Chris were present at his birthday party in L.A. Travis co-wrote BBHMM. They were also spotted at Cochella together. Travis and Chris are in the 5 more hours video. Chris does remixed Travis song with French Montana. So Rihanna has known Travis a long time. It seems like a hype thing to sell records than a relationship. Rihanna and Travis started making out around the time his album dropped. Also Rihanna is about to drop hers. I don’t know if their serious or not but its a little suspicious how timely they started making out around the time his album dropped. To be honest, nobody really knew Travis as much as they do now that he’s making out with Rihanna. Also since Rihanna knew travis a whiles back before she started going to all Travis’s shows she was seen several times with Benzema, and Lewis Hamilton. Then right after it was all about Travis. So when did she really fall for Travis? I’m a little skeptical. I don’t think its smart for her to date Travis because he’s a label mate. If things don’t work out she’s going to be forced to see him every function Rock Nation or Kanye have. If she thought it was hard seeing Chris with Karrueche it will be much harder to dodge Travis.

      • 1st time i noticed Travis with CB was with Sean Kingston. He traveled with CB to his 1st date on the btw tour – CB appeared at a lot of his gigs etc but soon stopped. I didn’t read much to his pulling out of the co-hosting gig in NY – but there might have been more to it.
        Riri typically hardly admits to dating anyone – leaked videos gave the Travis game away – her appearances at almost every gig he puts on is way past promoting. That’s her bf!!! She was taken aback by the reaction of some of her fans & tried to deny it but her actions are louder.
        On Lewis,Benzema & Leo – in my opinion – dating was happening. All of these guys are too big as personalities to just hang around & look at a chick. She & lewis as pointed out by blogs were coordinating outfit colors.
        The way everyone of these guys cut off being around her even when they’re in the same city means there wasn’t nothing platonic going on. One gets the impression she’ll be more willing to showoff any one of these 3 guys whilst Travis seems happy to be around a global superstar. He has nothing to lose – he just started – she has too much to lose.
        But with Lewis & Benzema – it’ll have been difficult to drink & smoke blunts openly – they’re sportmen with large conservative followings.

      • I think the video’s were leaked on purpose because nobody believed they were dating. I think it is a publicity stunt to boost Travis Scott career. This is similar to Drake and Rihanna. Clearly they were dating. There’s video’s of them making out as well. However, Rihanna didn’t consider him her boyfriend because she said her last boyfriend was Chris Brown and never mentioned Drake in her last interview or Travis Scott. Maybe its too soon to mention Travis Scott but that interview was conducted in September. Videos of Rihanna and Travis surfaced in September. I didn’t know that Chris knew Travis that long and they were supposed to Co-host. To be honest I didn’t know who Travis Scott was until Rihanna. I don’t know but I think its a publicity stunt but I’m going to contact you in a month or so if it is. I don’t think it’s real. First of all Travis is not Rihanna’s type. Secondly, He’s on her label, so if the relationship goes bad then she’ll be forced to see him at every event and if she was uncomfortable seeing Chris at award shows she’s gonna have a hard time dodging Travis. I don’t believe it.

      • As a fan like others, you’re struggling to take it in but her actions are those she displays when she’s dating. It might be pure & intense lust but those are not the sort of makeout sessions you have with friends.
        Riri like her friend Katy Perry isn’t always fort right about her relationship status with a dude they’re around. Telling your fans at a concert she let you touch her(u know what) ain’t about promotion.
        Dating Riri will not turn Travis to some worldwide hitmaker – fans don’t roll like that.

      • Again I’ll contact you in another month or so. Just because they were caught making out together doesn’t mean they are a couple. I think it was staged. Again, Travis was around during Rihanna seeing Ritchie Akiva the Owner of the 10K clubs, then came Benzema, after Lewis Hamilton, while she was flirting with Matt Barnes. As soon as Travis’s album dropped you see Rihanna buying his cd. Everybody thought oh she’s just a fan although she’s gone to several of his show’s but nobody believed it. Then to make it more believable was the pictures deliberately done to promote the relationship which really was them whining. Rihanna is from Barbados that’s how they dance. Then the pics that could be misleading depending on the angle. This still isn’t enough. They don’t travel together, their not spotted leaving or coming to each others hotels, Their always leaving and coming separately. Also it’s too out in the front. Most of the time when celebrities are dating they try to hide it. This is more in you face which seems fake or a front. You usually see them sneaking in or out and trying to avoid the camera’s. Travis holding his head down all the time. That’s his trademark. He’s not being shy, he’s doing it on purpose. Sooner or lately he’ll stop but. Also Rihanna did help his career because it gets people to google and want to know who he is or more importantly his music. Which is hot. I love antidote. That’s exactly what I did, google him and his video and song came up and I listened to it. That was the purpose, to get people not familiar with him, familiar with him. It worked. Then the photo shoots. Why not he’s a label mate, and he co-wrote BBHMM. We’ll see only time will tell.

      • I live in L.A & London – i know all kinds of West Indians – they’ll tell you to a man/woman she’s boning Travis. No one knows when it started but that video of them making out wasn’t released for no promo – they didn’t know someone had it – that’s why she was thrown by the response. Just like Drake & Serena were caught out in a restaurant
        The way they were hugged out in the Paris club was gotten from CCTV is paps doing their work – they’re proving she & dude are dating. She doesn’t do this sort of promo – you ain’t the only Navy refusing to believe – i’ll live you with one i saw a couple weeks back – too funny:
        Anonymous asked:
        It’s like rih is dating a bad little ugly boy from the neighborhood, that’s what this boy looks like. Fans are trying to convince themselves he’s not really ugly, trying to convince themselves she will make him more appealing, trying to convince themselves he’s good for her and that they will get married and live happily ever after and have five little cricket hybrid roach babies and live in a perfect Barbados island villa.

      • Lol. That’s all the way wrong. I don’t have a problem with her dating Travis. My only hang up is the timing. Now if this all happened before his album dropped than I wouldn’t have a problem with it at all. We all Know Riri does what the hell she wants to do. So she doesn’t care what people say or think. Time for me would be the only justification. He’s Kanye’s artist too, and Kanye is full of stunts. So I’ll see. Now that the album dropped and they accomplished what they achieved. If they are still together and caught making out than I’ll believe it. I need just a couple of more episodes. Then I’ll believe it. If it was a stunt. I’m gonna contact you and let you know.

      • She’s a woman & even superstars have needs. For all his stunts etc, the idea that Ye has the power to charm Riri into going gaga over a dude’s too much. Not Leo,Lewis or Karim could’ve been able to be on her beckon call like he’s.

        Eventhough she helped Drake break Europe & hinted in a tweet she was being paid – they still mixed business with pleasure – many Navy denied it using the word “Claim” but his lyrics below painted a picture:
        Drake ’bout Riri
        . “You must remember wakin’ up in Paris with the blunt / You must remember f***in’ me like anytime you want, What made us wanna act like we were married for two weeks? / Now we back in California, we don’t even speak / That’s a no-no.”
        Some still claim they never did zilch – & now even when Travis tells a concert crowd:
        . “One time for the RiRi that’ll let me touch it.”
        Some Navy still doubting . Me, i gotta go to sleep – it’s past M.Nite in London town.
        The mistake you’re making is believing she doesn’t care what people think – She & Travis do but like most showbiz people they put up better fronts that normal you & me.
        Travis must have been affected by the major disses about his looks he got from many Navy, Riri too. The extent to which they try to hide things now is almost baffling. – it creates a market for those who get videos.

      • Rihanna has done another interview. No mention of Travis Scott or not mention of dating anybody. See time will tell about there relationship. However, the only relationship Rihanna is claiming is the relationship you think she would want to forget, Chris Brown.

      • I’ve not read the new one but the CB thing goes back to the fact that they knew each other b4 they made it. Many of this guys want the stage person – she & CB used to tour the world together – I still think she’s with Travis…i guess it’s a fling.
        If she & CB want to try again – then they must secretly try counseling first – She said she once sat in front of a therapist & walked out. CB was very skeptical but the rehab forced him to do it – i hear his mum was involved – they also must cut down on drugs or give up totally. I don’t think either should date anyone who does drugs.

      • In this new interview she said she was googling child birth. Although she said she wasn’t thinking about having a baby anytime soon. But actions speak louder than words. But who will be the lucky daddy? You have to read the article when you get a chance. Ok you still need convincing that Travis is a no go. Travis is not Rihanna’s type. She’s fond of his music. Their not a couple. You’ll see. I think she’s secretly seeing Chris Brown again. I think she still loves him. I not sure about Chris because he was so into Karrueche. Either way I hope if their sneaking around they are more mature and no more fights. God please. No more. That’s the reason I don’t want them together. They become obsessed with each other.

      • B4 i go to sleep – you’re so breaking Travis’s heart right now. The love b/w CB & Riri was too heavy at such young ages. They are both very stubborn, love hard & really hurt each other hard when they’re mad.
        She’s seeing a mature dude crazy over Royalty plus his career’s back on track – he needs to now focus. She needed a rest – roc nation worked her harder than a slave – she was touring relentlessly with a beastly work ethic.
        The only way they can date is if she comes out preggars saying it’s 5months – y’all know the dad. Else paps will camp in front of their pad, studio wherever..too much.
        Travis isn’t letting her sneak around with no one – he’s fast to her side.
        I’ll read the mag piece b4 crashing – double meanings!!

      • Your setting your self up for a let down. It’s not Travis. Travis don’t be with her like that. You’ll see in time it’s not Travis. That was a stunt and the album dropped and it’s over. Watch you’ll see. It would be nice to see her with Travis. It would be interesting. We’ll I’ll let you go to bed and I’ll speak to you when it is confirmed that Travis is not the guy.

      • Drake was openly dating other people while she was with Riri – many didn’t want to accept the obvious. It was never a serious thing for him – i don’t know if he’s capable of doing serious relationships.
        My view on this thing’s some of her friends & management would’ve preferred she date a name worth her stature – i am thinking Naomi Campbell(no inside knowledge:just guessing) pushed the Lewis Hamilton link cos you’ve got 2 brands that could grow together.
        That said Naomi dated Leo a long time ago & they’ve been good friends ever since – Travis looks very timid in social settings – looking down when photographed – he needs polishing as to how a celeb presents themselves to the public. But they’re definitely doing it!!
        She seems to know many of her fans aren’t feeling this hook up but with her around him a lot – some are relenting!!!

      • I’ll believe it when it’s more than just making out. When their traveling together and showing up to events and leaving together than I’ll believe right right now its just something later she’s going to deny as something not serious as she did with Drake.

      • I get what your saying, I’m still not convinced that their a couple because she knew Travis way before Ritchie Akiva, Benzema, and Lewis, and suddenly when his album dropped they were all over each other. Time will tell if he’s really her boyfriend. I remember Rihanna did the same thing with Drake when he was producing songs on her album but in this latest interview doesn’t mention him at all and they were also spotted making out together. Rihanna also, states that Chris Brown was her last boyfriend so obviously with Rihanna it’s not always what it seems. Clearly she was dating Drake but never considered him her man. In a month or so, I’m gonna get back to you if it was just a publicity stunt to boost Travis Scott. I really think it is.

      • Woman stop the bs you are no therapist with all your long story . Stop the madness . Chris is over this rebound chick.

      • You really nailed it this time! I had been thinking the same thing. And with Chris ignoring both, I think for the most part they will stop. But Karruche is so immature and such a media wh*re, she may re-surface.

      • After Riri’s interview came out – Kae’s manager, Jacob York started putting links up to both riri’s interview & kaes. he got blasted for the obvious attempt to link them – else most people had forgotten about Kae.

      • Wow…. that figures! Sounds like a desperate attempt to keep her in the news. Glad they checked him.

      • I normally don’t take notice of them but a few comments on other sited alerted me – he’s a shameless hustler but he got heat from a few Navy & TB people. But it highlighted the level of their desperation – their trip to the UK had been a PR disaster so they resort to this.
        P.Diddy dated an actress known as Jlo – she’d done some films but wasn’t a breakout name – he encouraged her to be more daring – got to be a singer with risque outfits, learnt how to do business – it was all possible cos of talent & dues paid b4 hooking up with Diddy.
        Kae’s lack of talent’s disturbing – instead of going in to take serious classes – she’s listening to a hustler manager who’ll pimp her to anyone for publicity. The heat CB got for making BET give her a gig on their red carpet as a interviewer.

      • That’s true, They were protesting at her gig and did the interview there and starting dishing dirt on Chris. I’m glad he’s not reacting to her anymore.

      • Karruche’s career, no doubt, will be short-lived.

      • Y’all be hating on Karrueche because she is a ordinary girl and Chris Brown feel in love with her and women are jealous it wasn’t them. Karrueche never did anything to hurt Chris. He did allot to hurt her. So y’all need to stop dogging her out. She’s a good girl.

      • I was one of her original backers but this schemer Jacob York, she hooked up with is from pimp street. He’s bad news – he’s using her to publicize himself – too Suge Knight for me.

      • Iyanla Vanzant Visits Big Boy TV
        Calls Out Karrueche’s Manager For Being an Opportunist –
        By Elle B / Published on Tuesday, 13 Oct 2015 –
        Go watch 10mins 30 secs on for 2mins
        Go watch that video;

      • Girl please Rihanna only mention Chris brown in recent . Chris brown has been using Rihanna name for years. Now Rihanna mention him once it’s a problem. Rihanna never told them or talk aboutlraving Chris brown and that was all the way in 2013 at they end of April. She never talk about all the breakup and make up Chris and kae had in they relationship. Rihanna never talk about kae when she went on the meme show and iyanla show. Rihanna never talk about Chris brown when he was in prison and when he came out of prison. Rihanna never mention about Chris brown when he just came out of jail and he broke up with kae because he claim she was using him for fame. Chris brown went after Rihanna saying that they are sole mates and he was liking Rihanna pictures on Instagram. Rihanna didnot mention him when he came to her monster tour with eminem making s big seen and Rihanna ignore him and continue her tour. Rihanna didnot talk when he painted the same photo used on Instagram. Rihanna never mention him when he at the last minute jump on a plane from la to play a basketball game that was for charity by Rihanna record company roc nation that she had advertise I her Instagram weeks before the event. Rihanna did not talkabout him when he was using every thing to get Rihanna attention like tiring his sneakers right in front of Rihanna. Rihanna has the right to talk about the abuse given to her by her first love. Especially if the man hated men who beat woman. Rihanna has the right to talk about how she forgave him for beating,biting, choking,and smashing her head on the window and dashboard of the car. Rihanna told the whole world that Chris brown has change and understand how to treat a woman. Rihanna has that right because she went to support him in court and she is the victim to why he is seeing the judge. Yet Chris brown continue to be a liar, an emotional abuser, and a coward.

  11. Chris Brown give this heifer a taste of fame and now they no longer together she cannot shine .Lol heifer please look at Chris he is still love by his fans and stilling making good music and he is a loving person.Just look at his relationship with is daughter.Heifer please shut your no talent trap and leave this young man alone.

  12. Karrueche stop complaining. You only been in acting and modeling a hot minute. Besides, allot of actresses and models who have worked their ass off since they were 15 might be angry that you got the gigs you did get just because your dated a celebrity. So it cuts both ways. You can’t be upset or feel you didn’t get the job because the producer or director talked about your past. Maybe you don’t have a real resume. Or allot of small parts to show them. Maybe your acting just sucks. Your very short so obviously your not going to walk the runway ever for Chanel. Both industries are very competitive and cut throat and harsh industries. Doing a interview complaining proves your weak. Honestly, Karrueche seems a little entitled. She’s expected to land roles she hasn’t trained for when their are models and actresses way more talented that been training and performing way longer than her but she has a platform to complain because again she’s Chris Brown’s ex girlfriend.

  13. I agree. She would not have even had these opportunities if she hadn’t been associated with Chris in the first place. She thought back then she was winning, and now it’s coming back to haunt her. Karma is a B. The only thing she can do now is work harder. She needs to work harder for what she wants. She got a lot handed to her, now she needs to work for what she wants like Chris did. I wish her the best, but she needs to work for it. I bet she learned a lot!

  14. Just keep pushing and don’t give up.Chris did give u a name make it work for u. That’s what he wanted for you from the start. He tried to help u as any man would do for his lady.

  15. Karrueche could take the $25K she made from the Shark movie and take some acting classes. She could also go back to the Dept Store and hopefully be an asst manager this time. Life would be better than before CB either way. Stop blaming, she was a minimum wage employee before CB.

  16. 15 minutes of Fame – GONE!!!

  17. karrueche gud up gud up tran, you wrong my girl, chris is right. you shoulda never say that bout the yute, if they see you as weak its because you showed them some sort of weakness. what you need to do is take their critique, analyze yourself, and go harder. you cannot be soft in the hollywood game, if this is something u seh u wah fi tek on, then you have to be aggressive and outgoing and cut-throat, not soft-spoken, reserved, and go with the flow. whatever they say has nothing to do with chris and u fi apologize to the yute. you should have just went back to the drawing board and made ur corrections and tackle it again with a new strategy/approach.

  18. disqus_7TiI3lXPrA

    Karreuche is missing all the attributes that she had and rec/d while she was with CB. Shes talking way beyond stupid,& very self centered,… all about her. Crazy how people forget .

  19. Karruche runs her mouth entirely too much and now she’s talking really dumb. The girl has gotten a few gigs and is truly ‘feeling herself.’ She is delusional if she dares to think that anyone would believe what she has achieved was done on her own. She was a nobody before her relationship with Chris and because they have moved on, she is speaking from a place of insecurity, afraid she may not be able to maintain her new lifestyle. So she continues to seek attention by referencing Chris in the media every chance she gets, even if her story is completely senseless.

    • Your right. Also she doesn’t know that doing interviews complaining about directors or modeling agency’s not hiring her because of her past will kill her in the business alone. She can get black balled just for talking bad about directors. Nobody likes a cry baby. She also sounds a little entitled. Maybe they didn’t think her acting was good. She is very short and wont qualify for most modeling gigs. Both fields are very competitive, Karrueche doesn’t even have a resume yet. A resume of allot of small parts that she can give to a director or a degree in theater, like Sanaa Lathan, Or Nia Long, Taraiji Henderson, etc. Allot of these actresses that we see in movies or on T.V. had graduated from college with a degree in theater. So how does Karrueche think she’s going to read for a part and get the role over someone with a better resume and a degree in theater when she lacks both. Modeling she’s too short for a runway and that will always be scarce to her if she can’t walk a runway. If the directors and producers are talking about her past is that is how they know her. Karrueche sounds either entitled or impatient however, Complaining about not getting parts because of her past relationship with Chris Brown is only going to turn people off. Either way she gave the impression she was weak. If she’s not than all she has to do is prove it. Complaining in interviews only proves she is weak.

  20. Jus like she failed to move( the kill) fashion design clothing line chris give her cause modeln agency wouldn’t give her a chance karrueche is lame using chris name to stay afloat b—h

  21. Right. She is so ungrateful is a shame.

    • May be Chris will learn what Karreuche is all about after this interview. No one believe her. She is just trying to stay in the news. The only reason peoples started giving her work is because they did not like Chris so they was trying to get back at him.

      • I don’t think they didn’t like Chris. I think with low budget movies, they need someone who is popular if not for their skill or talent to get viewers or sell tickets. When her and Chris Broke up she was very popular because Chris is and the issue around him having a child. Now the smoke has cleared and she is not as popular anymore because she was only in Chris spotlight. What she is feeling now is what many actresses we know go through. Its a competitive business and those are the breaks. Someone else wants the part just as much as she does and they probably more talented, have a better resume or both. So she just has to stick it out and better her craft. If your the best on for the part than you’ll get it.

      • Yes, and if she doesn’t improve her education/skills/qualifications and become more authentically competitive, she’s looking at a very short-lived career.

      • o.k well said. Thank you.