Missy Elliot Shooting Video For Her Comeback Song ‘WTF’

Missy Elliot is plotting a major comeback to rap music. The hip hop icon was spotted in Los Angeles last night on set a music video shoot for a rumored single titles “WTF.”

Back in May Elliot tweeted about the song which could feature Pharrell Williams or the track was produced by Pharrell Williams.

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“@Pharrell hey “WTF” They better be READY it’s outta here,” she wrote on Twitter.

Sources say she was wearing an outfit with WTF written on it while shooting the music video with an unknown song playing on the set.

Watch the below video published by TMZ.

Missy Elliot has been on a decade long hiatus from making music even though she has been working behind the scene producing for other artists and launching her own label.

The “Let Me Work It” rapper has also lost a tremendous amount of weight since we last seen her.

Missy Elliot close friend and fellow producer Timbaland hinted earlier this year at a possible comeback for the rapper. But back in June she tweeted that she doesn’t have a released date for her upcoming album.

“Sorry no dates on a new single from me but I’ll keep yall posted if I do,” she wrote.