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Popcaan Smoking Hot Caucasian Girlfriend Sparks Fans Attack

Popcaan is getting some bashing from some of his fans while others are defending the deejay after he posted photo of himself and his smoking hot caucasian girlfriend.

The dancehall hitmaker and his queen were decked out in all white while heading to a local hot spot.

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“My boobie where you at? King and queen nah mean,” Popcaan captioned the pic that he posted on Sunday.

Shortly after the image went viral on Instagram, several of the Unruly Boss female fans unleashed an attack.

“These black men always making other race women seem to be better than us. It’s sad the way they put them up high” one upset female wrote.

There are a ton of more comments following a similar pattern of a rich young black guy dating a white chick. But the vast majority of Popcaan fans were very supportive of the deejay and defended him.

“Go Deh mi artist pick weh yuh want & refuse weh yuh don’t want some of them ugly like dem comments, real woman with self confidence wouldn’t react in this way popi love all skin tones all shades so some of you pop down slipper foot should go chuck off!! taught you like his music but a c**ky unuh want? a weh dutty mind Aguh?” another one of his fans wrote.

usain bolt and lubica split

Usain Bolt know about this all too well after he too suffered a nasty attack on social media for dating fashion designer Lubica Slovak.

The two eventually split after the backlash became too much for her.


  1. Mi nuh have a problem with interracial couples but mi woulda prefer to see popi with a black ooman

  2. Hope she nuh use him fi get lil fame n money then move on to the other.

  3. nuh 1 trini girl that? mek di yute gwan explore, anuh seh him nuh love JA or black woman again

  4. Thanks for reiterating that the white race is the superior race. In case you haven’t figured it out, white women are still white. By the way, the chick in the picture isn’t even white.

  5. I’m jamaican and have black and white in my family. Breed dat pop caan. More gyal with big ras and good hair fi me and the youth dem.

  6. Nothing wrong with this, way some of these women in our race acting. You got to find love from other nations.

  7. Nigel Tyrell-Reid

    Who wrote this dotish article? She isnt even white or remotely close to white

  8. They were not going to a hot spot the picture was taken at the stage show till dawn in Trinidad that popcaan performed at. His girlfriend kavell is a wh*re who was engaged to machel montano and now she isdating popcaan she is only interested in dating famous men kavell run popcaan head everything she tell popcaan first do him do it if popcaan put up a post that she does not like she tells him to take it down and he does she was the one who told him to wear all white to the show because she was wearing white and she wanted them to match so she could show off because her friends were at the show with her. She was the one who told popcaan to post the picture on his instagram to squash all the Cecile rumours.popcaan bought her a car which she was showing off on her instagram the picture has been taken down because popcaan doesn’t want people to know that he bought her a car because he has not bought a car for his sister or any of his brothers and he did not want to look like a gal clown. Popcaan sister squid does not like her she found out that kavell is a gold digger she no longer speaks to kavell and she stopped following her on social media

  9. Arbitr^rY^KonST@nT

    no surprise here…neeeeeexxxxxxttttttt…

    • LOL that got me cracking up. But on a serious note. these females in Jamaica have too much hatred and prejudice in their heart so don’t blame the man from getting another girl somewhere else.

    • Popcaan = Jamaican dance hall artist= gay on the down low