‘EMPIRE’ Fans Blast 50 Cent For Calling Show ‘Extra Gay’

50 Cent is under fire from ‘Empire’ millions of fans for making a statement calling the show gay.

The rapper’s comment came after the second episode of Empire season two aired last week to less viewership. Ratings fell 18 percent with approximately 2.3 million viewers signing off.

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50 Cent thinks that he has to answer to why Empire is loosing fans. The rap mogul, who is going through bankruptcy, wrote on Instagram that the show is loosing ratings because of the “extra gay stuff.”

“EMPIRES TV RATINGS TOOK A HUGE HIT. Ok I’ll stop now. COOKIE CALL ME BABY. I’ll tell every body to watch the show for you. LOL,” 50 Cent wrote.

The “Get Rich Or Die Trying” rapper is the creator of rival TV series Power aired on stars, and now he is getting a lot of backlash from some of Empire’s loyal fans.

“50 Cent should go sit his bankrupt a$$ down and leave Empire alone, don’t you have to go figure out how to pay Rick Ross baby mama or your lawyer tabs,” one fan wrote in the comments.

50, whose real name is Curtis Jackson, has since deleted the post on IG and issued a clarification through his rep.

“Mr. Jackson reposted something on Instagram that originated from a blog in relation to the decrease in ‘Empire”s ratings,” his reps said in a statement. “When he realized there was additional content in the blog post that he did not agree with, he immediately deleted the post as that is not a reflection of his views at all.”

Despite 50 Cent hatred for Empire, the show has at least three times the ratings of his show Power. Perhaps that 2.3 million viewers that jump ship will move over the his show.

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  1. maybe the ratings are down because the show is “extra black”?

  2. Zimdancehall Insider

    I love empire but the gay staff mmm if I could jus skip tt part…

  3. Debbie Dickens-Telfair

    Power is way better then Empire