Chronixx Is A Big Hypocrite Says Dancehall Deejay

Dancehall deejay Savage is blasting Chronixx calling him a big hypocrite. The upcoming deejay is calling out the reggae singer for his infamous statement against Obama and his silence on British Prime Minister David Cameron stating that he want to build a prison in Jamaica to house criminals who commits crime in England.

“Mi memba Queen Ifrica song wey sey ‘time like these mi miss our heroes’ and it’s strange how Chronixx, as the voice of the people, jump and sey Obama is a waste-man,” Savage said. “Yet, at the same time, Obama is one of the greatest black men because he is the first black person to become president of the most powerful country in the world.”

“Now this white man come here and wah mek prison after 200 years of slavery and mi nuh hear nothing,” the dancehall artist added. “Where is Chronixx now? You are the voice of the people, so why aren’t you talking? And now is the right time. You are making it seem like you are only burning out the black man, and that, to me, that is hypocritical.”

Savage is making it clear that he is not trying to start a beef with Chronixx but is simply pointing out the double standard in his stance on social issues.

Chronixx has since responded to Savage on Instagram with a cryptic message.

“I’m thinking….all of what is happening now…is in our music. Cyaah seh wi Neva warn. In the end, we played our part,” the singer said.



  1. Mexico had a Black president, too. He was Vicente Guerrero, elected in 1826..

  2. All these guys doing is talking a good talk, what have either of these guys done besides run their mouth about upliftment. Stop stating the obvious about the country’s mishaps.