Karrueche Tran Rubbing Her New Boyfriend In Chris Brown Face

Karrueche Tran is getting under Chris Brown skin with her new boyfriend Memphis Depay.

The actress and the Manchester United forward have been getting close for the last few weeks and last weekend they spent a lot of time together. On Sunday night they were spotted at Suburbia nightclub in Manchester partying together.

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They were again spotted in Manchester doing some retail therapy. Sources say Chris Brown have been hitting her up since the photos started to make the rounds online.

“Chris has been attacking everybody that make any move on Karrueche but the one guy that seems to be getting her attention he cannot get to and that is killing him inside,” sources revealed.

“Seeing them together break his heart especially since he has been calling her non stop and can’t get to her. She changed her number months ago but somehow he got her new number through their mutual friends,” sources added.

Karrueche Tran and Mephis Depay dating

Last month Memphis Depay posted a photo of himself and Karrueche hanging out together fueling dating rumors. But Karrueche has maintained that she is a single woman for months now.

Karrueche Tran publicly split from Chris Brown in March of this year after learning that he fathered a child outside their relationship.

“Listen. One can only take so much. The best of luck to Chris and his family. No baby drama for me. ????” she wrote on Twitter.

Karrueche and Memphis Depay

Brown has been pleading his case to get her back ever since but seems she has decided that it’s not even worth it. Can’t blame her for that after enduring so much public humiliation at the hands of Breezy.

The “Zero” singer seems to be doing much better these working on his upcoming Royalty, due this fall. He is also gearing up for an upcoming tour in Australia in November despite facing some roadblocks from authorities in that country.


  1. As Chris said ZERO don’t care or give a Dam.

  2. Darlene Anderson

    Well good that she has moved on as has my Queen Rihanna! But I love me some Chris Brown and refuse to keep (talking bout that old pink elephant -lol Breezy) Anyways, Queen Ri and her new beau may have a better chance than Tran and her long distance love and who knows? Tran and Brown been doing this sick back and forth stuff for so long, if they do get back it won’t last long! And not to forget she was been used to make Queen Ri jealous, and was doing threesome with him……..so to all you young naïve gurls that thinks she’s cute and making her some real money! Stop! She’s dating (if that) someone that is more wet behind the ears than Chris! And lets face it! Her managers are playing Chris with all those twets bout “Damn Chris you blew it” Well I JUST LOVE ME SOME RI….KEEP MAKING THE REAL MONEY AND HEADLINES GURL…

  3. karrueche great body tran

  4. He has got nothing on super star Chris Brown Chris is handsome talented and bless by the Lord God. He is not handsome like Chris. He is using her the same way she use Chris for some more spot light more fame.

  5. Hopefully, KT is moving on with her new boyfriend. She should not be trying to irritate or make CB jealous. If she is indeed trying to get under CB skin, then she is not being sincere to her new boyfriend. CB should be IRRELEVANT and a NON-FACTOR in her LIFE.

    Otherwise, she should not put ANYBODY in the midst of her messy relationship issue with CB.

  6. The gold digger found new prospect, lol you guys hyping f**kery.

  7. Her manager Jacob York is the source for all these blogs. He is trolling Chris hoping that Chris will say something however the days of Kae getting free promo from Chris are OVER. Think about it, if Chris had never pursued her after the breakup, interest in Kae would have quickly faded. People were interested in her b/c Chris was interested in her. Her manager capitalized on that fact. Chris should never look back b/c her manager is not to be trusted & Kae is surrounded by people who hate Chris. His new girl looks much better than Kae but he should learn from the past & not publicly claim any woman until he is really ready to settle down

    • Soooo True! That Jacob lives thru Kae. He looks like a real creep. I hope he never gets back with her. Let somebody else have that crew of leeches.

  8. Chris Brown can’t see this youth money. 40 million pound for two plus contract to come with companies

    • he have to share that with the company and tax needs his share

      sorry rasta this youth is moving to tha wrong direction

    • It’s not 40 million. Google the networth. He is no where on Chris level financially.

  9. If she is trying to rub him in his face that means she still cares for Chris…. And I doubt if Chris feels anything about what she does. Kae wishes he would say something those days are over. And one thing is for sure Memphis 300,000 after taxes will not be spent on Kae. She will not be driving another Porche. Memphis money isnt like Chris

  10. I doubt very seriously, he doesn’t have time to think about Tran now that he have his daughter.

  11. Love love chris but tran has moved on so should he