Chris Brown Drop The Video For “Zero” and “Liquor”

Chris Brown drop the long awaited new music videos for his fans this week for “Zero” and “Liquor” off his upcoming album Royalty, due this fall.

The R&B singer revealed that he directed the clips himself and shot them in downtown Los Angeles. The cut say Chris Brown getting a drink at the bar following a split with his girlfriend. A female suitor gave him a few shots and before you know it they are in the back of a car making out.

They then hit the club scene where a woozy Breezy donned some creepy contacts before he head home to see his ex-girlfriend throwing out his cloth. He then drove off in his brand new Rezvani Beast sport car and meet up with his friends.

You know a Chris Brown video like this wouldn’t be complete if he didn’t show off some slick dance moves. But the best part came in the end when Breezy ran into millionaire playboy Dan Bilzerian buying a huge stack of condoms.