Munga Says Life Over Death, Confirmed Chopping And Says No Retaliation

Reggae/dancehall deejay Munga Honourable is alive and well despite recent rumors claiming that he died from chopped wounds over the weekend.

News started to circulate on social media late Friday night claiming that the dancehall artist was attacked by another man and viciously chopped. The reports claimed that he was rushed to the hospital where he died.

“Postpone all funeral and nine-night. No dead to me situation!,” Munga said.

The deejay confirmed that he was attacked and had to get 34 stitches for a gaping wound. But apart from that he is doing well.

Munga says the attack took place while he was working on a mixtape when a man walked up behind him and chopped him on his shoulder.

“It’s so ironical that the CD I was working on at the time contains 34 songs, and I got 34 stitches,” he said.

The “Flippin Rhymes” deejay says that he will not retaliate and will be using the exposure to market his new project.

“Me close brethren send me a message with my favourite song that I wrote tattooed on his chest as an inspiration to me, and him say, ‘don’t fight fire with fire, don’t fight darkness with darkness,’ so revenge is not my forte,” Munga said.


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