Rihanna And Rita Ora Feuding Over Chris Brown Song

Rita Ora is having some serious problems with her fans and Rihanna for her new collaboration with Chris Brown “Body On Me.”

The pop singer debut the nee track last week and has already shoot the music video. Sources told The Sun that Rihanna is feeling disrespected by Ora over the single.

LISTEN: Rita Ora Teams With Chris Brown For “Body On Me” New Song

“There’s no lost love between them, but this is another example of what Rihanna perceives to be a lack of respect by Rita,” sources said. “Chris and Rihanna have a long history and she hit the roof when she heard about Body On Me — especially the video.”

Rita Ora has also been getting some bashing from her fans on social media for working with Chris Brown who they called an abuser and a woman beater.

Rumors of a feud between Rihanna and Rita have been circulating since last year with the Bajan pop star reportedly banning her from her Met Gala after party.

This marks the first time that Chris Brown and Rita Ora are working together. The track will be featured on her upcoming U.S. debut album.

The “Loyal” singer is also working on his own album due this fall.


  1. Idc rihanna needs to sit the he’ll down they were cute the video,was dope and she can sing her Vocie is fab I love rihanna. But she have to realize so Wat you and chrisbrown used to date that’s old and Rita ora fans need to get there life together so Wat chrisbrown beat rihanna. That’s old he done grown up know and he is a changed man. And he moved on to bigger and better things in life so before Iny body down grade someone try being in there shoes and also stop chatting please but cute video

  2. Why would Rihanna be mad with Rita for collaborating with Chris? She collaborates with Drake and Chris hasn’t said a word. This is a lie. If it isn’t than Rihanna needs to check herself. Rita and Chris are single and artist as she is and they can collaborate with whom ever they want.