Lil Wayne Bus Shooter Says Birdman Should Be Arrested For Crime

Lil Wayne tour bus shooter Jimmy Winfrey is spilling the beans and he is telling authorities that Birdman is at least partly responsible for the crime.

Wayne and Birdman is currently locked in a bitter legal battle and millions of dollars is at stake. So when the rapper tour bus was shot at in April in Atlanta, all fingers pointed to the Cash Money honcho.

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TMZ reported that Winfrey, who was arrested last month for the shooting, filed new court documents that Birdman should be held liable for the crime.

Birdman has maintained that he has nothing to do with the shooting and is equally interested in finding who the culprit is as Lil Wayne.

“My children mean the world to me,” Baby said during a recent interview with Angie Martinez. “You crazy if you think that. I ain’t trippin, you trippin, ya’ll trippin. You know how I am about Wayne. Ya’ll know the love I show him. I made him. I love him. That’s my son. I ain’t with none of that. I don’t play no games.”


  1. Wow.. If Wayne knew it was you why you even pretending it wasn’t.. Fake none rapping ass..