Vybz Kartel – Money Talk

(Verse 1)
Mi waan have my own
Money weh you deh mi waan talk right now
Come yah fi a minute and gwaan lydown
If a never you mi would a fross like wow
Dutty mind waan si wi nam grass like cow
You waan know weh you cyaa find out
Si dem a log on suh mi gone sign out
Watch dem a watch unuh watch time out
Ghetto youth don’t bow and unuh don’t slide out

Everybody weh a listen this
Money paw money and mi happiless
If you get a billion US
Weh you would a do wid hi
Mi a spend like God soon come
Mi a spend like God soon come
Mi a spend like God soon come

(Verse 2)
Mi waan have my things
Step in a the club and every gyal start glimpse
Kerri-an a tell mi shi like my things
Melisa a ask if mi cyaa buy drinks
Steph seh shi love mi, mi ask when since
Since you hear seh mi start drive brinks
When yo si mi chain it a shine like rims
Bwoy dem a pree under bare styling’s
If yo don`t hear mitchy don`t carry feelings

(Repeat Chorus)