Shane Brown Threatens To Sue Busy Signal… Says He Knew About Contract Prior To Arrest

Shane Brown who heads Juke Boxx production is threatening to sue dancehall star Busy Signal.

Both camps have been feuding since Busy Signal’s arrest in Trinidad earlier this month. The Turf deejay was briefly jailed for failing to pay over US$37,000 to a promoter that he owed since 2013.

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But Signal’s current management is casting the blame squarely on his former manager Shane Brown and Juke Boxx Productions. According to the deejay’s camp, Brown and Hot Peppers Entertainment Limited entered into an agreement that he knew nothing about.

“Hot Pepper Entertainment (promoter) entered into a contractual agreement with Juke Boxx Bookings on April 9, 2013, to book several artistes – one of which was Busy Signal – for a proposed show in Trinidad. Hot Pepper Entertainment subsequently sent incomplete deposits in incremental wire transfers totalling approximately US$30,000 to secure the artistes’ performance at this engagement,” Juke Boxx said in a press release. “The Juke Boxx management team would like to caution, that invalidated accusations can be defamatory for which individual/s can be held liable through the courts as a consequence.”

Juke Boxx is also saying that they have forwarded all documentation regarding this contract to Busy Signal’s new management. But the artist manager and brother Galey Gordon says that is not true.

“Juke Boxx Productions has disclosed that they received US$30,000 for the show. Bank transfers, which were made available to us via the promoter, indicate that US$37,088 was sent,” Gordon said. “Furthermore, after severing ties with Juke Boxx, at NO time was any document relating to this show ever forwarded to us, whether in print, email or hard copy format.”

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  1. Don’t go infront of a judge and lie . Come on guys ridiculous .