Busy Signal Arrest — Blame It On My Former Manager

Busy Signal is blaming his recent arrest in Trinidad and Tobago on his former management Juke Boxx Productions headed by Shane Brown.

The dancehall deejay was taken into custody and hauled before the courts last weekend for owing a promoter US$37,088. The “Text Message” deejay was on the island for Together As One concert.

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In a statement release on Facebook, Signal’s management says that the artist was unaware of the contract with Peppers Entertainment.

“Busy Signal was unaware of this financial debt because his former manager would have entered into business relations on his behalf as the agent which usually handles his financial affairs. Apparently a contractual agreement was made between Juke Boxx Productions and Peppers Entertainment limited for an event slated on May 31, 2013,” the statement reads.

“The aforementioned advance payment of US$37,088 was not disclose to the artiste. He had no material knowledge whatsoever of this apparent infraction, as he and his former manager had parted company for some time. However Peppers Entertainment had cancelled this event and Turf Music Entertainment made a partial refund to the promoter in May of 2013.”

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  1. wickedness, i had a feeling busy wasnt fully aware of what was going on, or he would never have flew there. & im sure he would have tried to take care of that if he was informed