Aidonia Says He Is On Vybz Kartel Level, Talks Being Underrated

Aidonia has been one of the most underrated artists in dancehall over the last decade. But is he on the same level as a Mavado and Vybz Kartel?

Speaking with Anthony Miller of ER, the JOP head says he is right up there with all the top acts in dancehall including the incarcerated deejay.

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“Any artist name you call you have to say Aidonia, any camp name you call you have to say JOP or fourth generation, so Aidonia thing has always been there but people try to make it look different. Aidonia is a big brand and big artist and the whole world know that and Jamaica know that,” the “Run Road” deejay said.

Donia also made a bold statement that he is right up there at the top of dancehall with Vybz Kartel.

“I am right there… Remember Kartel thing went south its we and Kartel start fall back and bring back his thing, so from you say Kartel you have to say Aidonia… who do they say are two of the baddest lyricists? the deejay asked.

Donia also opened up about why he feels he is underrated in dancehall and giving back to his community.

“Every year I’ve been right here in dancehall music and it’s just people trying to make it look differently,” the artist said.



  1. sandrae gunter

    YUH nuh reach Gully God level and to be honest vybz Kartel is still a level above vado

    • Anthony Joseph

      Kartel lock up and still put out more songs than all them dj combine. What does that have to tell you about the man work ethics? Like him or not, no denying his penchant for his craft.

  2. sandrae gunter

    Relax donia yuh a good artiste But VYBZ IS KING… Every artiste a road still deh earth & Vybz is out of this Universe

  3. Lyrics wise yes. Song wise fck no. Cyan even mek one hot single

  4. lol!!! Him on drugs:) Most comments are so true: Not the same level as kartel, few hits and nothing since ….., and yes, him a great artist

  5. Mavado is y artist but Kartel is a very great artist and aidonia isnt near vybz kartel or mavado level what they did in dancehall no other artists havent done it as it

  6. Aidonia has a few good songs but is nowhere near the league of Kartel – who is a global phenomenom. I’d say the closest to Kartel is maybe Busy Signal. Also, Aidonia hasn’t had many good songs lately – and he’s stuck in one style now, whereas Vybz does all different styles of songs, even sings in different styles.

  7. biggup yuhself didi, none cyah test kartel but you a di most worthy, unnu a forward from back inna di days and put in nuff work and have nuff talent, especially fi di time when unnu buss, unnu set di thing fi di new artists. i agree that you are underrated and deserve more credit (for a long time now). ppl even try go round kartel thing more time true dem nuh like him so nuh feel no way just adjust di plan/approach

  8. He is not on Kartel level . Nothing having a US visa hurt a lot of Jamaican artists career .

  9. U well never be in The Worl Boss league and me can swear my life pon that……….Wake up u a sleep….

  10. Real talk aidonia you a bad dj from long time j.o.p! Way up

  11. Aidonia is not even close to Vybz Kartel. Your still an underground artist while Kartel is mainstream go hold a seat.