Vybz Kartel Says Faith Getting Him Through Prison Life

Vybz Kartel is into a year of his life sentence as a result of his controversial murder conviction last year.

The dancehall hitmaker is telling his people that life behind bars has not been easy, but he is getting through his days thanks to his faith.

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Sources close to the self-proclaimed Worl’Boss told Urban Islandz that he is complaining bitterly about the conditions in prison but says he is holding the faith and hhoping that he will be set free through his appeal.

“A lot of people think that Addi (Vybz Kartel) was just another devil worshiping celebrity who sold his soul for fame, but that couldn’t be further from the truth,” our source who regularly visit Vybz Kartel in prison told us.

“He read his bible regularly and has always been a god fearing youth even before prison but people just took his dancehall persona too serious. He told me that its only his faith in the almighty that is getting him through the horrible conditions in prison,” our source added.

Our source also told us that there have been several attempts to take Vybz Kartel life in prison.

Vybz Kartel and Shawn Storm

“First the system send him go prison and when that wasn’t enough they are trying to assassinate him, but god is protecting the deejay and getting him through,” sources revealed.

Vybz Kartel is still maintaining his innocence and says he didn’t commit the crime that he was convicted for.

The dancehall star, his protege Shawn Storm, and two others, who were found guilty of the same crime, are appealing the conviction. All four men are serving life sentences with eligibility of parole in three decades.

“Kartel was setup by a corrupt system who just wanted to remove him from society because the world saw everything unfold and know that he is innocent,” Urban Islandz source added. “He is just waiting on his appeal but until then there is not much that he can do.”

Vybz Kartel, real name Adidja Palmer, his protege Shawn “Storm” Campbell, and close friends Andre St John and Kahira Jones were all convicted of murdering Clive “Lizard” Williams.


  1. SMD, ,even the obeah man read his bible ,HAVE you look at the ring on his fingers it’s a freemason sign.also remember he himself said in his early times. that he has jus finish read abook freemason and that he reach 30 degree in the devil

  2. Kenyan too

  3. Mike dunce just like Kartel

  4. Who is this Ziggy Adams nutter? He keeps on saying Kartel should be in jail as its the rule of law, BUT the rule of law was not followed in Kartel’s trial as there were cops on the jury. Then this Ziggy guy keeps on saying ALL Kartel fans are dumb – he really is quite arrogant.

    • Force_Majeure_

      He is a sick little man whos been doing this for years. Very obsessed with kartel. U can just call him Adams,JDF

    • Sorry Mike. I understand that in the eyes of the law he should be free because there are clear breaches in JA trial laws. However, you preech consistency in your debate with Ziggy, but contradict yourself. Ask yourself what is more serious – A memeber of the jury working a job that prevents jury duty, or using your financial power to criminally manipulate a murder trial.

      Further more, you make a point of no body being found? You are constantly looking for reasons why he shouldn’t be in prison, but seem to blissfully overlook the fact that plenty of evidence has been collected, mobile phone messages explaining the savage distruction of his victims dead body, anonymous wittnesses and so on.

      There is far more weight towards the fact Vybz Cartel was clearly involved in a brutal murder. The defence is weak and in the eyes of the law – all cases should be decided on weight of evidence.

      No body (because it was destoryed – which was explain in other evidence mentioned above) and a illegal jury member isn’t enough to set what seems to be a highly dangerous and meliceous man back into society.

      The best i would offer (if i was part of the appeal jury) would be a re trial – which would have to be extremely secretive in regards to dates and time to prevent any intimidation/bribing of jury memebers. With the same evidence put froward to a new Jury – he would surely lose this trial again.

      I guess your a fan of the guy and find it hard to believe he could committ such a horrific crime. Unfortunately, sometimes people aren’t who you want them to be.

      • Okay, alright Zacky, he may be guilty your honour, but let’s look at it from the point of the JA economy – he’s by far the most prominent and creative driver of the country’s arts and entertainment sector, which provides a big chunk of GDP. You let your politicians get away with murder, and sometimes we got to do whats right for the country’s future, so at least put a recording studio in his cell and that way everyone’s happy :D

      • I have no objection to him creating music in his cell. I just find it hard to try and justify this mans release – when not only does the evidence, but his personality also leans towards a guilty verdict.

        Plenty of US Hip-Hop stars i’m sure have got away with equally horrific crimes, but i still listen to their music so by all means allow vybz to release songs.

        As your comment on the JA economy – that is something i want to (as politely as possible) say is absolute s**t. Vybz spent his money in horrific ways – did not contribute anything back to the system – isn’t even responsible for 1% of the countries revenue and sell less records than bob marley who has been dead for decades.

        His prison sentence will not effect the JA economy, tourism, entertainment or arts sector. Reading your comments, your clearly a bright chap and i think you dont even truely believe what your saying – but you are clutching to hopeless speculation. I agree mr Zigzag was dreadful in his approach and was far from constrictive in his debate with you – but you need to take a step back and see that the right outcome is life in prison!

      • Thats because we all download Kartel songs for free – find a way to charge a buck per song from everyone round the world and Jamaica would be the next Singapore – an economic powerhouse thanks to di dancehall

      • I’d also be interested to know how you know evidence was tampered with. My argument is based soley on factual statements.

        – Non qualified jury member
        – No body found


        – Ananymous wittnesses
        – Friends of both sides (victim and Vybz) confirming a fall out over stolen fire arms (why would you even have such intense fire arms. This isn’t a red neck texas trophy hunter with a riffle, this is a ex gang member, living in one of the most dangerous cities in the world with a persona clearly leaning towards crime)
        – Text messages from Vybz phone confirming details of detroying the evdidence

        Now you can say tampered evidence – but this is pure speculation.

      • How do I know evidence was tampered with? – it’s all there in the public record and in the proceedings of the trial. Add this to the fact that there were relatives of police and former officers on the jury and you have an air-tight case for a mistrial.

        Tampered evidence because, firstly, the original disc of evidence just went missing. Not missing because the police station was broken into – but missing because police stored this disc in a blatantly stupid way – inside a locker with the key placed on top. Isn’t this a bit too convenient for police who have held a vandetta against Kartel many years before he was arrested? Yes, keep the original disc of evidence in an unsafe place, so police can then change the evidence and say the original disc was stolen.

        Secondly, and MORE importantly, tampered evidence because it is CLEAR from trial comments and admissions by police, that police officers used Kartel’s confiscated phones after they were confiscated. Several incriminating messages made out to put Kartel in a ‘guilty light’ were sent after the phone was confiscated.
        That is in the phone records tabled during the trial – how did police explain it away, due to police officer stupidity again, they claim.

        You say that the fact that no body was found, along with the ‘mince meat’ text message points to a guilty verdict. But the metadata of the text message shows that the text was tampered with after the phone was confiscated: “Attorney Pierre Rogers suggested that Detective Sergeant Patrick Linton was a liar and tampered with the phone evidence put before the court. Rogers said there was a discrepancy with the time stamp that was reflected on the BlackBerry message that told of Clive ‘Lizard’ Williams being “chopped up like mince meat”.”

        Now add to this reports of people leaving the island of Jamaica illegally by boat, and the lack of a body in this murder trial makes more sense.

        Already this is enough to make the evidence highly dubious due to the police’s actions. Is this enough for you Zach or do I have to sacrifice my Sunday and miss out on going to Church by having to open my files on the Kartel trial and repeating many more inconsistencies to you???

        You also keep mentioning that Kartel was a violent character beforehand and therefore this makes it likely that he was guilty. That will not stand in a court of law, and one could just as easily argue that the police were biased as for so long Kartel’s songs had been painting the police in a negative light. They were hell bent on putting Kartel in jail to shut him up (they succeeded in framing him but failed to shut him up, police stupidity and corruption again). This has been happening to people who stand up for the ghetto youth for thousands of years, and you are quite happy for the ghetto defendant Mr Palmer to have his voice gagged so we don’t need to hear about how corrupt the system is and how our political leaders are hypocrites and parasites.

        It’s clear Kartel was framed, and he has maintained his innocence throughout, along with Shawn Storm and several others found guilty unfairly, none of whom have broken ranks despite getting lengthy prison sentences.

  5. “free the world boss” It’s ironic how people can be so quick to get lost in fallacy and fame, that they wouldn’t take the adequate time to truly review a situation on a case by case basis. A man lost his God’s given life. A mother lost a son for certain. Maybe he was a father or an uncle to someone. Guess what! Yeah, they lost him too. What if that were your father, or brother, a close friend or any form of relative? How quick would you utter free the entertainer, or let him go? If he’s innocent let the legal system declare him to be so. Even if you may think the Jamaican legal system is among the world’s most corrupt; let’s not be so brisk to absolved them from any involvement. If his appeal reveals that he or they’re are in fact innocent, then set them all free, and find the true perpetrator(s). And if that were you, God forbid, wouldn’t you want your death to not be in vain?

    • It’s well known that Kartel fans are not deep thinkers. No matter how much truth you bring to the table they will always believe Kartel to be some sort of deity. Fact is they worship the man.
      One fan even had the unmitigated gall to compare Kartel to Nelson Mandela. I’m under the impression if Kartel confessed to this murder his fan base wouldn’t shrink. That’s how far removed from reality the average Kartel fan is.

      • My comparison of him with Mandela was tongue in cheek Zig, and you took the bait just like I knew you would. How can you be so sure all Kartel fans are dumb?
        He’s being painted as the source of all evil in JA – so why not take the opposite extreme and call him a Jesus or a Mandela. Why u hatin Kartel so much? You’re girlfriend started listenin to him and won’t dildo you in the butty anymore? Well as Kartel says: Zig, your butty only has one route (rowt), nothing can go in everything must go out!

      • Force_Majeure_


  6. freeworldboss and this article is fake you lot need to remove it…check twttiter for the confrmation if you think its not fake

  7. I strongly believe that he is not guilty. The police force and government of Jamaica are all in this monopoly to get kartel arrested


    Money. money and the authority he has.

    • Too bad that crap doesn’t fly in a court of law where innocence or guilt are determined by evidence.
      Who cares what you believe? The preponderance of evidence is what has Kartel switching over to the ‘otherside’ in his darkest moments. When he was riding high on his fame and fortune, Kartel was saying prayers to the devil. Now that he realizes his folly, he’s taking the hypocritical route and crying for Jesus, Mary and Joseph.
      BTW…he has no authority outside of his cell. That’s what being locked up means.

      • Evidence? The evidence was tampered with, and there were cops on the jury. Are you so sheltered that you have never heard of the thousands of mis-trails that occur? U are a hater indeed.

      • Look at it from my perspective, Mike. Kartel is rotting away in prison for a crime he committed. It was evidence and the rule of law that put him there.

        If kartel should smell the sweet aroma of freedom before the year 2049 rolls around, it will be evidence and the rule of law that will get him out.

        No matter which way it goes, I will have to accept that reality.

        Comprende? Capisce? Understand???

      • The evidence was tampered with, there were cops on the jury which is against the law. You going to scream rule of law again – Kartel’s trial did not follow the rule of law, comprende? There’s a reason there is a law prohibiting cops being on a jury when the prosecution are the police themselves! Mate, are you living in Russia or Zimbabwe where juror cops/ corrupt justice systems are the norm? It’s time you CAME OUT OF THE CLOSET Zig and told us ALL which country you are in. I’m betting on the swamps of Kazakstan judging by the intelligence of your arguments…

      • Ya Zig has never been known to be a cheerleader for Kartel. But ya they did him wrong. It is not even a question of did who did it. They haven’t proved anything apart from Kartel and his rambling nonsense on the phone.

      • I saw a video of him coming out of the hospital about a month and a half ago he doesn’t look well at all. Man I tell you I will never understand some rich people. But the justice system went above and beyond to nail him though. If it was Canada he would have walked it out.

  8. tyrone guthrie

    Vybz kartel is a teacher to the nation who open the minds of the people of which many can understand alot about the reality of life but if we should compare him amongst the great, then we would understand society will not let a powerful man open the mind of the nation than have us in the mids of the dark.
    In my understanding he going to be free but wil have to face up to a 10 years of punishment before he can see the sun again after his Court of Appeal.

  9. tyrone guthrie

    Vybz kartel is a teacher to the nation who open the minds of the people of which many can understand alot about the reality of life but if we should compare him amongst the great, then we would understand society will not let a powerful man open the mind of the nation than have us in the mids of the dark.
    In my understanding he going to be free but wil have to face up to a 10 years of punishment before he can see the sun again after his Court of A

    • Wha?! Kartel is a convicted murderer who preyed on ghetto youth. Dude couldn’t even ‘teach’ his babymama to keep her damn legs closed when he’s not around. FOH with that BS about him a teacher.

      • Preyed on ghetto youth LOL, next thing Ziggy Starcrust will be screeching is that Kartel is a paedophile…

      • Just in case you never knew Vybz has a few baby mothers. But ya if you are referring to shorty what difference does it make. He is locked away what is she suppose to do sit and wait on him for 35 years?

      • When one sees a man decorates himself like an object this is enough to evaluate his state of mind I don’t see anything good in anyone who uses his talent to stall the struggle against total emancipation of the oppress people of the world

  10. Set him free. Police on the jury, police tampered with evidence, no actual body ever discovered, the list goes on and on – and all adds up to a mistrial.

    • I’m taking bets on Kartel getting released before he gets stabbed to death. Odds are 25:1 death wins. You playing, or what?

      • Yes I am playing Mr Ziggy, and I raise the odds on a new bet, that Kartel will get his appeal by the time you grow a brain. I guess you think the West Memphis 3 in the US were also guilty? I guess you think Mandela SHOULD have served time in jail as a terrorist. You see my fine feathered friend, one man’s terrorist is another’s freedom fighter – and you can call Kartel all the names you like but it won’t change the fact that his work has touched the hearts of many around the world, while your bile is just annopying like a mosquito. Your only ambition is to become a mosquito that can spread MALARIA.

      • Whoa!!! Kartel’s case ain’t nothing like what went down in WM3’s trial. And a big &#x46&#x55&#x43&#x4b YOU for even comparing Mandela with Kartel. Mandela fought for basic human rights against an apartheid state. Kartel killed a man over the loss of two handguns in a country run by a Black majority. One fought for the freedom of an entire nation, the other was found guilty and sentenced for killing a man who could have been his brother.
        The lives of those two men are incomparable in scope and achievement.

        As for your lame ad hominem, please allow me to add Dengue, Rift valley, and Yellow fever, as well as the West Nile virus.

        Bottom line…I’m dangerous as &#x46&#x55&#x43&#x4b.

      • There are similarities between WM3 and Kartel – both were accused of being devil worshippers – even you accused Kartel of that in one of your comments – how out memories are selective. Of course the other main similarity is that both were convicted unfairly… Needless to say, both sets of defendants weren’t devil worshippers but were regarded as guilty even before the trial due to this.

  11. Free the World Boss he doesn’t deserve to be in prison. The system set him up for sure.

    • Yes! Free him by driving a sharp piece of metal into his chest again, again and again. Only after he takes his last breath will he ever be truly free.

      • Force_Majeure_

        Dammm Adams,U STILL chewin on his di..k, huh?

      • Yeah! Like a industrial-sized wood chipper…on steroids.

      • I see.

      • It’s funny Zig, in all your comments you never actually address pro-Kartel comments about police being on the jury (this is against the law in JA). So if you are such a stickler for the law, why not apply it in all cases? You must think all Kartel fans are dumb, and never considered that he has many intelligent people from around the world as supporters.

      • Nothing amusing here, Mike. Kartel tried and failed to bribe jurors. Kartel fans are so intelligent they have never asked the question; “why would an innocent man use bribery to win his case?” Furthermore, if you believe his fans are as uber-intelligent as you make them out to be, why then weren’t they on his legal team?

      • Yes, there was a juror who tried to bribe the others – and thank god he did because his subsequent court case brought out the rot in the JA police force and the revelations in Kartel’s trial. Would you like to have cops sitting on the jury of your trial Zig? It’s against the law – can’t you get that through your head? As for your comments about why Kartel’s fans weren’t on his legal team, I really dont know what you mean. No one has fans on their legal team… Many of his fans are outside of JA for a start… oh I guess you’d like to deny that fact too?

    • Unnuh to bloodclaut sucky sucky to do bathamet devil. Vybz try cover him tracks but him to dunse fi realise him had evidence pun him phone, boosting bout killing do man. Vybz Kartel is not your lord and saviour, stop bow down na bwoy