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Elephant Man Daughter Says He Is A Deadbeat Dad

Mavado is not the only dancehall celebrity to be accused of being a deadbeat dad. Elephant Man is also under fire from one of his daughters for being less than a father to her.

The female, who is allegedly the daughter of “Pon Di River” deejay, wrote a message on Facebook on Father’s Day and tagged the dancehall star.

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“All some man supposed to feel like sh** on dis day… Like Elephant Man,” she wrote.

Elephant Man has not responded to the accusations but let’s not forget that he has over 30 kids across Jamaica and possibly another dozen overseas.

Imagine what his child support bill would look like.


  1. no dead beat dad thing, mi nuh support that. but on di other hand, how u supposed to deal wid 30plus pickney? dwl ele yuh too bad. and why him pickney dem nuh famous or nah do nuttin weh mi hear bout? and wah kinda woman dem breed fi him and know seh him did have nuff pickney and baby madda already?

  2. 30 kids? Is this really true?

  3. She need to move on, make better for herself.