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MAVADO — Baby Mama Says He Is A Deadbeat Dad

Mavado is one of the richest artists in dancehall currently but his baby mother says she or their son is not benefiting from the singjay’s wealth.

The “So Special” singer posted a photo of himself and his son on Instagram on Father’s Day. The Gullyside head also posted another photo with the caption, “When your kids tell you your the best dad in the world and Father’s Day.”

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But seems his baby mother, who is known on Facebook as Gavesha Di Goddess, didn’t agreed with the caption and took to Facebook to blast the singer calling him a deadbeat dad.

“It kills me that you want to finally call your son because it’s Father’s Day,” she wrote. “What about the rest of the 364 days of the year when he’s trying to call you, but gets no answer… .Gavyn is getting big enough to say ‘Mom, I’m getting tired of Daddy’s broken promises’ and ‘Mom, why doesn’t Daddy want me?’ But yet you want him to wish you a Happy Father’s Day! WTF! You put up pix on IG like you’re the best father in the world.”

My first born

A photo posted by @mavadogully on

Mavado hit back on IG calling his baby mama story bs because he regularly send money to support his son.

“Love you son and you know that when you grow older you will understand the world u live in how could a woman get so much money monthly like 1500 to 2000 U.S. Minimum Every month god send from you enter this world now this girl come chat sh** makes no sense up to 3 days ago money was sent and I didn’t get a call until it’s dat time again anyway am not the kind of man to talk a lot but just don’t ever try to disrespect me with my kids remember I take you from the ghetto life when I was just coming up but its all good am always a great father to all my kids and you know it just remember you never ever spend a dollar on that kid that’s not mines you don’t work you never ever do. How many times I’m in NY trying to go see him at his school every time it’s a different excuse after waiting hours either your mom pick him up or other family,” Mavado vent on IG.

Mavado baby mama didn’t stop there and went as far as to accuse the singer of only visiting his son once per year.


  1. She is not accusing him of not taking care of the child; she is accusing him of not visiting or spending time with the child. Father’s need to know that spending money is not enough–they need to also make quality time for thir children…

    • I understand she is stating he is not spending time with his son . There is way more to this drama .

  2. no dead beat dad to di thing, mavado mek sure you a do weh you supposed to do as a father fi yuh pickney, and mek sure you involve inna yuh pickney dem life. hard to believe this story but you never know, just be there for your kids if nothing else vado, and if she a tell lie she wicked nuh bloodclaat.

  3. I don’t know their story something doesn’t add up.

  4. Something doesn’t sound right here . Movado lives in the US . If he doesn’t pay his child support he can be arrested that hasn’t happen . There is more to this story .
    Does this woman works .?

  5. Marvin Nathaniel Dawkins

    She needs to relax and do something and stop moaning and complainin about his fathering skills, she is obviously bored and lonely thats why shes reacted like that. Bet if she had a career she would have the time to moan because the slag would realise thing cost money and would be consist in supporting their son, also she should understand he in the music buisness traveling the world.

    She need to mind her business and focus on the boy and be happy he sends money when she knew he was an entertainer who travels. Slags always want more than they have and enjoy bring in kids as leverage. When it should be love.

  6. These artists should learn to stop getting chicks pregnant who just want their child support checks. However, since I don’t know the whole story, Mavado should be a better father and visit his son more often if what she is saying is true.