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Vanessa Bling Talks Engagement, Dating I-Octane, Vybz Kartel & More [VIDEO]

Vanessa Bling, former known as Gaza Slim, is back on the dancehall scene and is off the market because the dancehall diva is engaged.

Speaking with Winford Williams on OnStage last week, Vanessa Bling cleared up some recent rumors that she and I-Octane are dating and also opened up about her engagement and some new music coming out.

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“I got a lot of comments on Instagram, Facebook, my bookings because a lot of people been calling and saying that ‘you and I-Octane are together, you guys make a nice couple, what did Addi (Vybz Kartel) said, I hear that Addi called off your phone and stuff like that,'” Bling said.

“So I was like where did you get those drama from… But big up to Octane on that song ‘Cya Do It,'” she added.

Vanessa Bling also showed off her engagement ring but refused to revealed the name of her fiancé.

“Yes I am engaged to somebody that you know the person but you don’t know him,” the dancehall diva told Winford.


  1. Some Jamaican artists they should not renew their visas they don’t deserve to have a visa the way how they behave . Give visas to good Jamaicans .

  2. It’s going to be interesting to see if she’ll continue this church girl charade as her competitors become more vulgar.

  3. Vanessa, if you still reading this and out deh – PLEASE call off the engagement and marriage!! I love all your songs and would be a better husband than di one u got. I would devote my life to you and I also would eat your pum pum – I ain’t to proud to eat pum pum.

  4. I loved her interview she has come a very long way . I saw an interview with Lisa Hyper why is she mentioning Venessa name . Venessa doesn’t give a rat crap about you . Lisa look in the mirror you look like trash . They should take Lisa Hyper visa away . You think you are Ms Bad Ass .
    Lisa was also disrespecting Trinidad people .

  5. Dummy

  6. Man she is a sweetie, wish I was married to Ms Bling

    • Wow you like accessory to murderers?

      • Well, she is a woman who will stand by her man (or stand by her murderer, if you will) so that only makes her more desirable for me. Number 2, I happen to believe Mr Palmer is innocent and set up by the corrupt and covetous JA government. You just have to look at the hundreds of irregularities in Kartel’s case. If Kartel case was held here in Australia – where we have govt and police OVERSIGHT – he would be a free man. So, no – Ms Bling ain’t no accessory to murdah!

  7. I been hearing for about a year now that Gaza Slim / Vanessa Bling is married or engaged but yet I can’t see her man / husband / fiance. Betraying the Gaza Boss and acting like your loyal all this time.