Jamaican Mafia Movie Now Available Online

The highly anticipated theatrical launch for the Jamaican Mafia movie has been shelved. Fans can look out for the film online and perhaps it will make its way to Netflix later..

Producers of the film says that they have shelved their planned theatrical worldwide distribution because because of issues with the distribution company.

Dale Foti, who executive produced the film, says that they have been offered a television series and a book deal.

“The most important thing at this present time is to please the fans by delivering the film to them. We don’t intend to have them waiting another six months to see it in a theatre. Therefore, the time has come for people across the world to finally own a copy of the movie for their own home libraries. Started last Tuesday ( May 12), fans can get the DVD, or watch the film online,” Dale said.

You can support Jamaican Mafia via their Kickstarter page here.

Jamaican Mafia is about Zoolian Anderson (Mykal Fax), a frustrated car salesman who desperately desires riches and respect. He discovers that he’s the nephew of a powerful crime-boss named Soljie (Paul Campbell). Zoolian eventually decides to quit the corporate world to join Soljie’s ruthless criminal organization. This film leads a journey into dark places, lit up along the way by laughter, sex and thriller-worthy surprises that will leave viewers discussing and debating it long after the movie ends.


  1. Lol,jamaican ” mafia”?! You wish.