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Popcaan Ft Freddie Gibbs – Born Bad [New Music]

Here’s a new single from Popcaan “Born Bad,” produced by The Alchemist & Oh No Present Welcome to Los Santos.

Saddle up the thing dem like donkey
Meck wi go fi dem
Rat-wilder wi a use a nuh puppy dem
Bwoy dem a hype wid things weh a nuh fi dem
Mi nuh fight gyal war, dem war yah a nuh fi Gen
A chat like sample man
A mussi nuh fi friend
Mi nuh borrow bwoy gun
My gun dem a nuh fi lend
Bwoy skin burn like weed wid a likkle blem
Bullet rush out a the nozzle and no adrenaline

Popcaan – Born Bad Lyrics

Listen full track below

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