Popcaan Ft Freddie Gibbs – Born Bad Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Saddle up the thing dem like donkey
Meck wi go fi dem
Rat-wilder wi a use a nuh puppy dem
Bwoy dem a hype wid things weh a nuh fi dem
Mi nuh fight gyal war, dem war yah a nuh fi Gen
A chat like sample man
A mussi nuh fi friend
Mi nuh borrow bwoy gun
My gun dem a nuh fi lend
Bwoy skin burn like weed wid a likkle blem
Bullet rush out a the nozzle and no adrenaline

Yeah wi bad, born bad
Bad, bad, born bad
Bad, born bad

Bad, why dem a gwaan bad
We bad, born bad
Bad, bad, born bad
Bad, born bad
Bad, why dem a gwaan bad

(Verse 2)
Mi nuh care, mi nuh fear
Mi nuh fraid a
People nuh scare
Mi nuh wear, mi nuh play dat
Drive by anywhere in a the mayback
Smoking a spliff on the way fi go spray that
Anywhere weh the Heckle and the K kotch
People a run like train pon the train track
Any bwoy seh him bad a me train that
Mi nuh play roun like game shop

ANnyweh mi feel like me spray shot
War movie a gwaan, mi amear knock
Mi badness trophy mi done claim that
Bwoy marrow fly and a nuh plain that

(Repeat Chorus)

(Listen Verse 3)

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 4)
A couldn’t me dem a ramp wid
And dem know seh mi mad and mi haunted
Nuh care if mi waan run wanted
Bout from mi a damn kid
The 17 a mi favorite glock
Bwoy drop pon the ground when mi waving that
A nuh glu when yo armor pierce wid shot
Cyaa win nuh war wid shot
Any robbery mi go pon suh mi laydown flat
Haffi go to medorest, somewhere near dove cot
Mi nuh hang out a bar that a bate up spot
Dem only full up a bare tough chat

(Repeat Chorus)