Was Vybz Kartel Fate Decided By Jurors Who Didn’t Care About Justice?

Was Vybz Kartel fate decided by jurors who wanted nothing to do with his murder trial or didn’t cared about justice?

The dancehall community was sent into an uproar last week after one member of the jury (name withheld) admitted on the witness stand that they were planning a after verdict party deliberation of the case.

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The revelation was made during corrupt juror Livingston Cain’s trial. Cain was charged with attempting to pervert the course of justice when he allegedly tried to bribe other jurors including the forewoman.

During cross-examination of that juror, Cain’s attorney Valerie Neita-Robertson asked if they were planning a after party instead of deliberating the case.

“It was good to go out and relax. No after-party,” the juror told the court. The juror also admitted that they were discussing plans to party at Port Royal after the trial.

That revelation sent dancehall fans on social media in an uproar with some fans calling jurors uncaring and reckless.

“These jurors are some heartless piece of sh** who didn’t care to be a part of the trial. SMH,” one fan wrote on Urban Islandz Facebook page.

Vybz Kartel and three of his co-accused were found guilty on March 13 last year in a trial that lasted four months. The judge took a week to gave his summation of the case, while the jury took just two hours in deliberation before returning a guilty verdict.

A part of that two-hour deliberation was used to discussed and planned for a after verdict party.

Two members of the jury also lied about their occupation on their application. Both jurors works for the Jamaica Defense Force JDF although they are barred from serving on civilian jury. Another juror was the wife of a police inspector who was working at the court during the trial.

Was Vybz Kartel’s fate decided by jurors who didn’t care to be a part of the trial? That is the big question everyone is asking today.


  1. if they found out all of this I think there should be a retrial smh Jamaica is a messed up country…..

  2. Even tho i don’t listen to his music every man deserves a fair trail. This is true injustice….free vybz kartel.

  3. Ross Margarette

    Free him already

  4. The answer is yes… C l e a r l y.

  5. This Cain dude is a piece of work. What does this have to do with his trial? So if his case never call…poor dat!

  6. regardless of all of this unfolding info, would it be beneficial for kartel and his co-accused? Suppose it was somehow ruled a mistrial and judge ordered a retrial with a new jury, i feel like the new jury would still return a guilty verdict overall so what does all this fracas really mean (how is it helpful)? whoever they select for the jury in the courtroom will do a repeat of the first verdict, or do yall think something will play out differently?

    • The first trial was a set up so its onlyfair that they do it over and fair this time no matter what the outcome is whether the same or otherwise

      • mistrial…. do it over let the world see….even if it is guilty…

      • okay understood. basically do it over for the sake of “complete” fairness. if a me, mi woulda just tan in deh cause mi cyah badda wid di whole process again fi di same result, but i do see where it would be necessary and you never know, so i see what you mean.

      • Retrial is what hes appealing for. This right here just helps it.there is no way he’ll be guilty twice, there was never even a case here.

      • Retrial is not what he is appealing for. He wants to show that this is a set up from the start. And if it wasn’t they wouldn’t have went so far as to plant evidence and plant a jury. So no retrial. No trial. Throw that shyt out.

      • He appealed for re trial days after he’s sentencing, what are you talking bout?! This jury news just came about- and is part of Caine’s case. Meaning, it can help the RE TRIAL for Kartel.

  7. The whole a dem want a beating with a piece a cow cod.

  8. If justice in Jamaica we will know laws are meant to uphold ..

  9. Wickedness this calls for a mistrial

  10. Third world country!! What can you expect?