Karrueche Tran Not Worried About Chris Brown Baby Mama [WATCH]

Karrueche Tran says that she is not worried about running into Chris Brown’s baby mama if the singer moves her to Los Angeles to be closer to his 9-month-old baby girl Royalty.

Karrueche Tran, who also lives in the Hollywood Hills are of Los Angeles, says that she is not worried about Chris Brown moving his baby mama and child closer.

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“Good for him,” Karrueche told a TMZ paparazzo who also asked her if she is worried about running into Nia. “Not at all,” she responded.

Chris Brown and Karrueche Tran are reportedly back on speaking terms after a mutual friend begged her to speak to him.

“He is very depressed and torn up and it was just sad to see him like that so one of their mutual friends reached out to Karrueche and that was how they started talking again,” sources told Urban Islandz.

If Karrueche and Chris Brown reconciled their relationship, it means that she would have to accept his daughter and baby mama.


  1. Jason's disciple

    If Karrueche Tran goes back to Chris Brown all she have to do is even the score with Chris Brown’s baby mama and produce a child with Chris Brown and if all things go well they will get married and become one big happy blended family and she would easily accept beautiful baby royalty as her own and that would get under Chris Brown’s baby mama skin for damn sure it’s the oldest trick in the book and it is definitely effective and full prove because in the State of California the wife gets half of everything and everybody knows that so in other words Karrueche Tran will go back on top ether way it goes and that’s for damn sure l am so sorry Nia but that’s the way the cookie crumble ok sweetheart.

  2. like how u get di pestilence outta yuh life, a full time yuh link me my girl. 100% good love deh yah fi yuh. rate how you conduct this interview miss #juicyjuicy

  3. OMG she’s so cute

  4. Patricia Williams

    Sounds like “eventually these two crazy lovers will b back in stride” and Chris IF you hurt, disrespect Karrueche in any way, form or fashion there’s a group of her RIDE and DIE supporters who will make your life extremely miserable; baby or not.