Dancehall Artist Furtyle Brain Implant Goat Horns On His Head

Dancehall artist Furtyle Brain is looking to boast his career with a little shock-value by implanting a pair of goat horn on his head.

The “Pocket Money” deejay, whose real name is Kenardo Robinson says he hired a Canadian-based surgeon to perform the surgery in Jamaica. But he revealed that the surgery did not come cheap, as well as, he experienced severe pain.

The aspiring dancehall deejay said he was instructed by god to do the procedure.

“I do believe that I got some form of prophetic instruction by God. I didn’t do this alone,” the deejay said.

A rep for the deejay told Urban Islandz that he has been getting a lot of backlash but still feels that the horns will help boast his career.

“Definitely there are a lot of backlash and some people are even saying that they will not listen to his music,” his reps said. “But on the other hand Furtyle won over a lot of new fans who believed that he came with something different.”



  1. Dancehall severely lacks originality now, most of the newer artist are trying to thrive on just shock value tactics alone,YES CONTROVERSY SELLS BUT YOU STILL NEED ACTUAL TALENT

  2. Looks like a Goat
    Thinks like A Goat
    Goathead :P

  3. “But on the other hand Furtyle won over a lot of new fans who believed that he came with something different.”

    PHUCKING LIES. this eediat never had fans to begin with and surely doesn’t have any now. this is what happens when you make the devil rule your life

  4. this eediat just a follow daddy eediat alkaline. difference is this eediat nah go buss weh

  5. The god of this world Lucifer

  6. People really need to stop lying on God. How dare you. God did not tell you this or any other dumb thing you come up with. Your mental illness did .

  7. Vybz Kartel is laughing from his jail cell

  8. Damn ass he needs a tail as well

  9. “he experienced severe pain.”

    Ya think? What an idiot! If God wanted you to have goat horns he would reincarnate you as a goat in your next life, or even had made you as one in this life time!
    People do some stupid things, but this is beyond stupid IMO!

    • Oh my as far as I know God is not a God of confusion you need Jesus and you better find him before you hear that you come under attack cause the goats might see u and rush you for imitating them dwl.

  10. Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome.

  11. I am sure, rather, I hope that this is not true…

  12. This man is going mad.God will never tell someone to do idiotic things.If God told him to do it how comes he didn’t tell him to turn over his life to him.
    # He needs divine intervention . Pray for him.

  13. This one tops them all off.. first alakalines eyeballs then the other guys caged eyes now goat horns????? really though????? wowwww how attention craven can u get?? to destroy urself like that…. which girl is gonna take him serious… that’s LITERALLY DISGUSTINGGGG

  14. It’s a sad sad day for Jamaicans everywhere. This fool unfortunately is one of ours. No more curry goat for me

  15. Take a drive, park on the side think ’bout it and she will catch ur Eye, I see it eating grass looking sexy to the max so I think, pick a goat, dine a goat, luv a goat kill the goat , take the horns rock them in me head get an infection and be dead
    hahahahaha this guy is JOKE

  16. This is absolutely the dumbest sh*t that I have ever seen, plus his music sucks.

    Talk about desperate for attention. I honestly feel sorry for this guy with the dumb ass goat horns on his head.

  17. These new dancehall artists are becoming more and more stupid… Just pathetic

  18. Why would God tell you to put horns on your head?!! If he had wanted to make you a goat, he would have. I wonder if this is some photo shop thing.

    • Why would God tell you to put horns on your head?!!

      Don’t you try to fathom God’s reasoning. God is beyond the comprehension of man. He obviously has horns because it is within God’s plan. Amirite?

  19. This is so sad himself and the women dancing in the video degrading. Furtyle want to take his career to a next level? Good luck goatman , god had nothing to do with his decision to chase fame and greed. ????????????