Meek Mill Thinks Nicki Minaj Is A Arrogant Demanding Diva

Nicki Minaj and her new boo Meek Mill have been rumored to be already heading for a split after problems in their relationship started to surface.

While the couple is still together, signs are showing that they might not last long enough for their tour this summer.

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Sources close to the Trinidadian rapper told Urban Islandz that she and Meek Mill have been having huge arguments and that is pushing them apart.

“They are very much into each other but their relationship is growing toxic very fast,” our source said. “They have been having huge arguments and sometimes they don’t even speak to each other for days. But at the end of the day every couple go through a rough patch. Everybody know that Nicki is a hot head and Meek is no better so they always clash.”

Nicki Meek Mill meme

This meme has also been making the rounds on the net.

Our sources also told us that Meek Mill thinks that Nicki Minaj is too arrogant and can be a demanding diva.

“I think that Meek thinks that she is too arrogant and demanding and he is not use to dealing with girls with strong personalities like that so maybe that is one reason why they are having so much fights,” our source added.

Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill reportedly got into a heated argument during a performance in New York last month and a video from the show has been making the rounds on social media.

The video shows the two having an exchange on stage and Nicki pointing in Meek’s face, but there are no confirmations on whether or not they did had an argument.

Nicki Minaj announced earlier this week that Meek Mill, Dej Loaf, Tinashe, and Rae Sremmurd will be featured on the North American leg of her The PinkPrint tour this summer.



  1. seriously where is the dancehall on this site. All I see is a bunch of hip hop ray ray ray lately. get back to it!

  2. Marissa Rebel Flower Francis

    Nicki Likes Thugs! hes not even cute tho!

  3. Ask Meek Mill when the last hit record hes had cuz I ain’t heard it. Go back to being with Ricky And leave Queen Barb alone. . She’s my love anyway. Lol

  4. Olivia Benson Lily Wine

    All i want s to see Nicki happily after in the hand of a man who ll calm her down not rule over her,oppression s one thing am sure Nicki ll not take from any one be a male or a female. Meek in my heart is never a good idea for Nicki,he s too rude in everything he do,but am not the one to decide for them,if Meek let Nicki go that means he was never into her.. He said s dream girl, so let him stay with his dream girl. I love Nicki forever

  5. Nothing but hearsay. It’s amazing how people act like the authority on the relationships of people they don’t know. Get actual news.

  6. He say she say she say he say ya dig……Just google Rick Polo Billie Jean

  7. I always know that this relationship was not going to last. Nicki Minaj is an arrogant egomaniac who cheated on that nice Jamaican guy and end up with this washup rapper.