Rihanna Laughing At Karrueche Tran In Chris Brown Love Child Saga

Rihanna has the last laugh and that she is doing right now at Karrueche Tran who is torn to pieces over Chris Brown love child saga.

News surfaced earlier this week that Chris Brown is the father of a 9-month-old baby girl name Royalty. His baby mother is a 31-year-old video model name Nia from Texas.

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The “Autumn Leaves” singer has remained silent on the news so far but his former main chick Karrueche Tran has made it clear on Twitter that she wants nothing to do with this drama.

“Listen. One can only take so much. The best of luck to Chris and his family. No baby drama for me,” Tran wrote on her Twitter timeline yesterday.

Chris Brown daughter

A source close to the Bajan pop beauty told Urban Islandz that she was shocked and thought it was some sick joke or another big rumor in the media.

“She was shocked and thought it was some hilarious joke or rumor TMZ was spreading on Chris,” our source told us. “When she saw his girlfriend’s response it became clear that it was serious and not just some joke and he has been silent about it so you never know. Been a while since we’ve seen her laugh so hard.”

Our source also told us that Rihanna wish Chris Brown well in father hood and definitely thinks that he will be a good father to his child.

“RiRi thinks that he will be a good dad and hopefully become more mature now and stay out of trouble,” our source added.

Yesterday, Urban Islandz learned that Karrueche Tran got a tip about a week ago that Chris Brown could be a father but she never got confirmation until this week.

“Someone in their circle tipped Karrueche Tran off about the child and she confronted him about it,” our sources said.

“He firmly denied it but she had her doubts,” Urban Islandz source added. “TMZ basically confirmed her suspicions and now she just called it quits. He has been calling her but she is just ignoring his calls and her close friends are their for her.”

Karrueche Twitter

She also tweeted about Nia last week before deleting it.

“Ya’ll know a Nia?” she asked her fans on Twitter.

We’re told a DNA test has already been done and Chris Brown is the father of the baby girl name Royalty.


  1. I’d laugh too, the fact that Chris was supposedly in a monogamous relationship with Kae for years & had a baby by his side chick, had tests to confirm, knew about it for a month then payed his babymama to keep it on the low so he could figure out how to explain his actions to Kae who btw thinks everything is wonderful is hilarious!!
    meanwhile he singin “these hoes a’int loyal” FOH!! LOL

    Rihanna do your thing mama!! Work hard, Play hard & Stack your paper!!

  2. Y’all know a Nia? Heck, what is a Karrueche?

  3. I hardly think Rihanna’s laughing or thinking about these two simpletons, she’s too busy clocking dem dollars!! If anyone’s laughing it’s social media because their both thirsty for attention! Once again their drama plays out for all to see.

  4. This is the opinion website that claims Rihanna was laughing at kaarueche. TMZ and Eonline which are creditable source says otherwise.

  5. is it just me or is that baby ugly #sorrynotsorry

  6. Shout out to Chris brown went trough same situation in the end u have a seed that going to bring u joy. Rihanna gona jus go crazy and want one too that’s how this game go ! U jus hit em with the gamechanger and ur legacy will live on for sure!

  7. was that a rhetorical question? yall know a nia? or did she actually think it wasn’t the girl hugging up on her in those pics, partying together.. lol

  8. k-tran, many many moons ago mi a tell yuh bout di joker enuh, link up my girl

  9. Patricia Williams

    Rhianna “I don’t know why you’re laughing cause it could have been YOU in this situation instead of Karrueche!!!! Also w the way you spread yourself so thinly w various men & NO commitment YOU ARE JUST AS CAPABLE OF GETTING INFECTED AS EVERYBODY!!!!!!!

    • You are obviously a very gullible person who believes everything the media puts out. Either that I guess you must live up in her Vagina that you can say so strongly how many men she had or are you the “Vagina Police? Wonder how many men or women you had in your life time? By the way you should be. more informed, You can sleep with only one man and become infected. You might boast one partner but how many Partners has he had before you and with you that you don;t know about. You are in the bed bed with your Partner and all those other bed mates. #FACTS!!!

    • Stupid! Stop believing every thing these websites print. More than half of the stuff they print is pure B..S. Don’t be so damn gullible. Sheesh!

    • …. because she thinks it’s funny.
      Rule #1 of laughing.
      It is done when someone gets a joke.

    • You’re dumb. First you can’t believe this as absolute truth. Second, if they say she had the last laugh, it was becuz at one point he was dating both girls and karrueche never left so he stayed with her more by default than by choice, but it still hurt rihanna because she loved chris. Now to say that someone has the last laugh means that she got avenged somehow. Ktran never wanted to give them their space and it’s basically her fault and chris’ why they never got back again. So basically rihanna is laughing by thinking: “Not my man, not my problem.”