Bobby Shmurda Says Epic Records Abandoned Him In Jail

The era of Record Labels inviting controversies from their artists to sell more records is over. These days it’s all about music and social media impact.

Bobby Shmurda learned the hard way when his label Epic Records basically abandoned him in jail.

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During his recent interview with Billboard, the New York rapper says Epic Records execs have not offered to bail him out of jail.

“No, no. They’re not bailing me out,” Shmurda said. “They’re not standing by me that much. Every time I call them, there’s excuses about [parent company] Sony, this and that. So, nah. It’s more people on the streets that’s standing by me more than them. I haven’t gotten a visit from one of them yet. Nah.”

Bobby Shmurda was arrested at a studio in New York City in December and slapped with drug trafficking and attempted murder charges. His bail was set at $2 million, bit the “Hot Ni**a” rapper says that is a tab he cannot foot at the moment.

“We’re trying, but right now I think the DA and the judge and everyone in the court is being biased. It’s so crazy,” Bobby Shmurda told Billboard. “The favoritism, yeah. They don’t have no evidence, no nothing on me for the bill to be so high. I haven’t been out [as an artist] for a year, I haven’t been around for a year. So I didn’t make $2 million! [Laughs.] They gave me a bill they know I can’t pay. We can pay the 10 percent. And we tried to pay the 10 percent and they told us collateral. And every time we go for bail it’s something new.