Juicy J – I’m Sicka [New Music]

Juicy J – Blue Dream & Lean mixtape is already out and getting allot of rotation. The mix tape is consist of 28 tracks. Juicy – J drop a new single entitled “I’m Sicka,” produced by Mike WiLL Made-It.

I’m sick of these line ass ni**a’s, crying ass ni**a’s
Saying you the plug, ain’t nobody buying ni**a
I’m sick of these fake ass ni**a’s, hating ass ni**a’s
Claiming you a goon, you a shaky ass ni**a
Pu**y buying ass ni**a, lying ass ni**a
You marry the ho, and you the side ni**a
I’m sick of these broke ass ni**a’s, joke ass ni**a’s
Lemme hold something, shut up you broke ni**a

Juicy J – I’m Sicka Lyrics

Listen full track below.