Juicy J – I’m Sicka Lyrics

I’m sick of these line ass ni**a’s, crying ass ni**a’s
Saying you the plug, ain’t nobody buying ni**a
I’m sick of these fake ass ni**a’s, hating ass ni**a’s
Claiming you a goon, you a shaky ass ni**a
Pu**y buying ass ni**a, lying ass ni**a
You marry the ho, and you the side ni**a
I’m sick of these broke ass ni**a’s, joke ass ni**a’s
Lemme hold something, shut up you broke ni**a

(Verse 1)
I’m sick of these so called hustlas
Claiming they chasing commas
Showing all yo whips on vine
But you still shocking up with yo momma
Run yo mouth when you up with yo partners
Pu**y ni**a never been the shotta
When I hit you with the semi, you gon
Think that he was coming through the twitter how they screaming who shot ya
Plenty loot
Car full of goons, serving bullet wounds
My young ni**a shoot
Rob yo main b***h for them Jimmy Choos
Who ya tryna fool
Chill with the act, my ni**a be you
Strapped on yo Instagram peace but that don’t mean sh**, once a gun that ain’t even been used
Lurking on these streets, in these traps
Ni**a’s better be strapped
Ni**a’s out here plotting on ya, be prepared to duck back
Whoop a ni**a, gotta murk em pay…curtains
Ya ain’t bout that life, my ni**a

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
All this cash, ain’t counterfeit
But some of you ni**a’s act counterfeit
Ni**a you ain’t never put in work
And quit lying ya ain’t never seen pounds of it
Tired of the bullsh** talking
Knowing it isn’t really but you claiming that ya balling
Tried to take mine, choppa get it straight like
I check these ni**a’s like direct deposits
You ain’t know that’s how it is out here
Blood sweats and tears out here
You don’t know how it feels out here
Pu**y ni**a you can get killed out here
My ni**a that’s how it goes
We so cut throat for the dope
Moving work in the hood, but ya never know
Caught a ni**a with the salt, then blow
Ni**a’s kept ending the discussion, don’t wanna talk
Hit em with the choppa, make em do somersault
Hit em with the sack, and nah ain’t no running off
APB, they be looking for them all mothaf**king day
Homicide unit, said must be foul, mothaf**king play

(Repeat Chorus)