Ludacris – Truffle Butter (Freestyle) Lyrics

Flyer than the G6
Another Luda verse
No this is not a remix
Lick this, so maybe you get seasick
But that’s none of my business
So Curmit he sip, he sick
We flipping the sixteenth
To getting cream, a tip a the sip lean
But I rather take a shot at that lui the 16
That’s right am a fit king
See me on a big screen
April 3rd Fast & Furious doing these big things
And dropping that Luda verse that say wicked mean
Ma ni**a mi wrist bling from the money Chris bring
Black interior, but whip whiter than whip cream
Big dreams in the 2015
Crooked in the studio serving and get things
Homade governor man in his extreme
Am balling to get rings
Groupie woman looking they trying to get seen
Money over bi***es am trying to get green
Dirty south criminal trying to get clean
Check mate in porns is trying to get kings

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  1. So many errors on this.