Gully Bop: I Choose Money Over New Teeth, Turn Down Dental Appointment

Gully Bop, aka Country Man, went from rags to fame in less than four weeks. I still remember that viral video of a homeless, toothless, and assumed madman freestyling like his life depends on it.

But while Gully Bop is no madman, he only has two teeth. But two kind dental surgeons says that they are willing to change that for the deejay all for free.

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Bop recently missed the appointment with the two dentists to have his teeth.

Sources close to the viral dancehall deejay told Urban Islandz that him missing the appointment was not deliberate but a business decision.

“He has a lot of shows booked for and coming from nothing to something naturally he is going to choose to make the money first and deal with the teeth after,” the source told us.

“He will be out for at least a few months after doing that surgery he has to maintain his presence while he is hot right now. The dentist told us he can come and do the surgery whenever he is ready so it’s not like it’s a done deal,” the source added.

Gully Bop also recently did a corrective surgery for hernia. He is currently at home recovering.



  1. Thus spoketh the crakhead..

  2. dis man confirmed da ignorant Jamaican stereotype, like…….mi doh’ even know how to spell hype

  3. I understand he needs to make the money while he can but it looks like his 2 teeth can drop out at any moment. He must be a vegetarian, can’t even bite into a piece of McNugget without the rest wiggling out easy.

  4. One thing since him no want to take care of his mouth, I hope he is taking care of all his children because he has a whole lot bag of them.

  5. What happens when he’s ready and the opportunity is no longer there?

    • Bop will “forever” be a staple in dancehall.

      • Forever my friggin foot. You never know he might end up back in the Gully anything can happen.:)

      • Bop is the Mf Doom of Dancehall

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      • Bop inspires the oppress that life is unpredictable. Failing is only an option if you allow it. Bop for life!

      • Dude you’re playing games. I thought you were one of the naysayers you said something like “maybe that’s why he never had a prospering career” some things take time while others don’t manifest. Dude I gone….

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      • How have they changed? And what is an “L”?

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      • From what I’ve learned each persons death is not in design, just apart of being a species, the unpredictable of life or death is never destined. Your soul(life force) remains a mystery I can’t say what happens to it or make my own hypothesis.. Jut know that each life is valuable down to the roach you step on lol. People who claimed they have died weren’t dead because you can never be revived if truly dead, that life force within you has no maybes.

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        g night , Bop 2 di world!

      • Good night dude I still don’t think it’s a choice….
        Bop is probably having a blast with his spring chicken.

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      • Lol you wish that don’t you.. I’m comfy here. No longer my city too ;)

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        I mean it’s common knowledge visas allow you to enter a country via your passport. People need to be approved before hand.

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      • It’s not just JA, it’s global since 9/11. It’s harder to enter the country without having a good job, proper reason to visit, and clean record. The process can be long or fast depending on your situation. Some people wait years. It’s not just JA.

      • So even if you went to the UK it’s still a long process? One of the Jamaican chicks here said it used to be easy for Jcans to go to the UK but because people spoil the soup they’ve made it hard. I went back home and I don’t recall using my passport.

      • It’s long based on your background, visiting is faster than someone who just wants to live. Most people apply to live which can take years. It all varies and yes it’s difficult due to smuggling of drugs and people over staying their “welcome.”

      • What about turning a visit into a marriage?

      • It’s possible to extend it, but you will need to become a citizen at some point. Someone like Mavado I assume is a refugee or is in a legal bind with U.S born kids and wife is probably a citizen now to avoid deportation. Mexicans do this all the time, loopholes to live here, just have a family.

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      • Yes but Bop get the opportunity in his hands and not even a humble himself. Same so the fan base big him up same so dem can drop him like him hot.

      • Bop seems humble, I mean the persona of being arrogant is apart of the hype. He talking the talk and walking it lol.

      • Tweley go and find the article where him diss the woman then you know what me a talk bout I don’t trust that Bop him want 2 bap.

      • some people don’t get it. when people Diss him every day of his life call him Dutty, madman, make fun of his appearance and having no teeth how is that better than what he said about the woman, any way he cant be a one hit wonder because he has at least 5 songs on the heavy rotation around the world.. check them out if you like ……

      • No I highly doubt he will reach the hype Ninjaman did and have. Bop seem like a one hit wonder he is too damn proud now. And worse like how him and chinny get in a accident and bop a diss the woman bout her car what a shame. He of all people should not even do that, when chinny done milking him God help him.

      • Lets see how it plays out, everyone is assuming way too much… He is like 5 weeks in his career.

      • he is di same who said he doesn’t even know what Benz is

      • He also said he doesn’t know what hype is and him can’t spell hype lmfao.

    • If you read the article you would have seen that they said they will be ready whenever Gully Bop is ready.

  6. Differently me would a go look bout my health first. How the boxside this man eat Iya?