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Vybz Kartel Murder Plot Foiled In Prison

Vybz Kartel life in prison is getting interesting. Urban Islandz learned that there was a plot to murder the dancehall star in prison.

Sources told Urban Islandz that an ancillary worker smuggled two bottles of a poisonous substance and two ratchet knives into the maximum security section of the prison where Vybz Kartel and his three co-accused are serving their life sentences.

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“I don’t have all the details but from what I’ve learned there was a breach and knives and a poisonous substances was uncovered in what is now believed to be a plot to kill the deejay (Vybz Kartel),” the source told us.

The source told us that the ancillary worker involved in the plot was allegedly working with another prison inmate.

“A prison inmate is believed to be involved in the devious plot. These badmind people want to kill Addi. Haven’t they done enough already to put him in prison,” the source added.

Law enforcement sources have not confirmed the reports.

Vybz Kartel, born Adidja Palmer, as well as, his protege Shawn Storm, and close friends, Kahira Jones and Andre St. John are all currently serving a life sentences for the murder of Clive “Lizard” Williams.

The “No Games” deejay has filed an appeal to overturn the conviction.


  1. Shaquille Simmons

    Just free vybz kartel if god can forgive us for our evil ways who are we to not forgive vybz kartel

  2. Free world Boss …

  3. I’m not surprised,he’s one lucky guy.

  4. Lie this true dem wah addi get out but it will never happen cause him kill somebody child……And if this true try move him to another section and put more wardie to watch this messy operation.

  5. Cops did comfirm it wtf UI . ????

  6. Blah blah blah

  7. Long time dem wah kill di gaza don, mi know seh dem woulda try fi poison him too (surprise seh it tek this long tho). A society & badmind ppl mek addi stay di way him did stay one time, but keep trying if unnu waah kill him, every mumma rass and dem madda woulda drop dung if anybody do di teacha nuttin, check di streets, gaza forever, long live kartel. when him did deh a road nobody couldnt too try nuttin, and now u see why him eva strap. dem thing deh mek ppl live certain lifestyle. Addi lrg up yuh bloodclaat self mi doops. dead or alive you a di greatest, dem cyah change that. Oh

    • Shut yuh rass addi nuh innocent him order nuff killing and him fi stay inna the rass cage.

      • Where in my comment did u see innocent? Nobody’s innocent, not even you. Alot of ppl miss the bigger picture because they hate vybz kartel, but that’s understandable. However merely being a kartel hater won’t solve the real issue, there will be many more vybz kartels because the system goes unaddressed and remains the same. With the way things are set up, countless ppl will grow with the same mindset kartel grew with and fall victim the same way, and the cycle will continue because instead of hating the structure, ppl hate the indvidual, but the individual is just a product of his/her environment so when yall are ready to blame, stop and think who/what should really be getting blamed. And in case u didn’t know, there are ppl out there all over the world who will kill for kartel and that’s self evident, so what I said was true. Ppl say kartel supporters are crazy but other ppl nah pree things from a different p.o.v. look how much known govt officials ordered unjust killings of multiple ppl and went unpunished, still breathing free ppl air to this day. But the system is set up to punish some and favor others. Then you have the set of ducks (no offense to real ducks who are clearly more intelligent by a donkey length than those individuals) who don’t open their minds and instead live to hate kartel because it’s easier to do than think for themselves. I’m not upset that kartels locked up, real thugs done know how di thing go. The corruption and injustice and favoritism is part of them problem tho. My bad for the novel

      • your 100% right. Alot of people are missing the big picture. The way some people hate kartel they act like lizard was their baby father or their son. Kartel is not innocent but if your going to blast him and wish him to stay in jail then blast and wish tjail for the corrupt politicians and police who are getting paid by tax payers money only to turn around and kill those same tax payers. All hail the mighty teacha.

      • well, at least one of the vybz kartels is behind bars for good, thank God!

  8. Soon to be inside job..

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