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Shauna Chin Kissing Gully Bop, Couple Now Engagement

Gully Bop has always wanted to kiss his now fiance Shauna Chin on camera but she always turn away her head.

But after getting some harsh criticism that she is using Gully Bop for his fame and money, she finally decides to take the plunge on camera.

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Bop, aka Country Man, has always express his love for Shauna Chin and to prove it he went and bought her a ring and popped the question to her and she said yes.

Gully Bop and Shauna Chin engaged

A wedding date is not yet set but only time will tell if the two love birds will walk down the isle.

Shauna Chin kissing gully bop

Gully Bop and Shauna Chin finally kissing. #GullyBop

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  1. Dat nuh kiss,wat a blasted dutty gold digger.

    • Gully bop!!! Wise up bro… The sex may be ok but so it is with most of the other girls out there….wake up before it is too late and make sure you get a DNA test done on the alleged baby.. lol

  2. Something don’t seem right to me, give this a couple months…

  3. I threw up ma nugg

  4. I think she love her smartphone more dan gully bop in every video she always have her phone playin wit

  5. This sounds mean but this is so gross father please forgive me. Hopefully he can get some teeth in his mouth now that he is rolling in dough. But if you love someone and they want to express their love for you why turn your face? I hope she truly stands by his side but she seriously seems to be a gold digger cause just last month she was with someone else.

  6. This frigging woman doesn’t know how to kiss…her movements are not fluid. I hope she isn’t using him.