Gully Bop Talks His Side Of The Story Following Label Split

Gully Bop says Claims Records is lying about him being disrespectful and egotistical.

Earlier this week reps for the record label announced that they have parted ways with the fast rising dancehall star.

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But now Gully Bop, also known as Country Man, is giving his side of the story.

“I am not disrespectful to anyone and I am not hyping on anyone,” Bop said.

“Let me tell you this, it’s social media buss me, nobody spent any money to buss me so if your a producer and I want to voice a tune for you then I will do it, but don’t try to control me,” the lyrically acclaim deejay said.

“Them out of order because how them want come talk about that they are minding me and giving me everything,” he added.

Gully Bop is fresh off his successful debut at Sting 2014. The social media deejay received raved reviews for his performance.

Bop’s girlfriend/manager Shauna Chin has also address the deejay’s split from label Claims Records.


  1. From rags to riches big up gully bop.

  2. Gully Bop has been himself from day one . Claims records go to hell .