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CRAZY: Dancehall Artist Checkdhat Pierce And Tattoo Eyes Plus Bleach Skin

Just when you think that things couldn’t get any crazier in dancehall it did.

This aspiring dancehall artists is the latest out of a new breed that are using shock value to gain fame. Alkaline, Tommy Lee Sparta, Gage are just a few names that comes to mind.

But Checkdhat is a new deejay that just turn things up by tattooing and piercing his eyes.

checkdhat eye tattoo pierce

Sources close to the deejay told Urban Islandz that it’s the real deal, the photos are not fake.

“The images are real no photoshop eyes tattoo and pierce,” the source told us.

Checkdhat has also bleached his skin as you can seen from a before and after photo he posted on his Facebook page.

Checkdhat bleach his skin

“This is not even bleaching no more its a miracle me @ 15 n 20,” he wrote.

Check out some more photos of Checkdhat.



  1. Wif a tats like Devil Child, what more could one expect???

  2. If u tump him inna him face yuh mash up him whole eye socket, #foolfool I’ve never heard of him, probably doesn’t have any real talent. He still has no fame, this likkle shine from the flashlight will be shortlived (can’t even call it 15 mins of fame). Masicka was right about dancehall, come in like a Bloodclaat circus more while fi true #clowns

  3. What a clown! I missed the days when only a few people had tats…now it’s beyond lame.

  4. One of reasons I don’t pay much attention to new dancehall.

  5. Dude should have taken advantage of this exposure and release a video.

  6. is he wearing a wedding vail?? give him a break. nobody’s perfect. JA got a lot of issues about sexuality. the ones that hate gay people are actually gay themselves. this kid is doing what feels right for him. obviously some serious issues going on with this kid if he bleaching his skin.

  7. Lmao… The things some people will do for a little fame. This ni66a is whack!

  8. This is ah real idiot anyway just keep being aspiring cause i will never listen yuh music what a clown.

  9. Idiot Bwoy guy way .

  10. Looks like a f××king greak show idiaat juss like d otha clown Alkaline!

  11. o.m.g give me a break man WTF look what alkaline went n done started SMH this is not cute!!!!!!!!! it’s just straight up scary and confusing. They care more about hype than releasing decent music… k