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Lil Kim Split With Baby Dady Mr. Papers After He Lust At Nicki Minaj

Lil Kim is on her way to becoming a single mother after splitting with baby daddy Mr. Papers.

Sources close to the rap icon told Urban Islandz that she and Paper have been fighting a lot recently but now she decides to pull the plug on their relationship.

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“Kimmy and Papers love each other but things have not been going well for them lately, it happens in every relationship,” the source told us.

Yesterday Mr. Papers posted a photo of Lil Kim’s rap rival Nicki Minaj on his Instagram page taking a subliminal shot at his ex-girlfriend.

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Immediately several of the rap diva’s fans started going in on him, several of which also unfollowed him.

In June, Lil Kim and rapper Mr. Papers welcomed their first child together, a baby girl name Royal Reign.


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