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Buju Banton Wants Court To Release Him And Deport Him To Jamaica

Buju Banton is seeking a early release from prison, as well as, deportation back to Jamaica.

The Grammy-winning reggae star is currently serving a 10-year sentence for his 2011 drug trafficking conviction.

According to Tampa Bay Tribune, Buju Banton lawyers filed a motion in court last week seeking a early release following some recent changes to the way drug traffickers are sentenced.

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Banton is also asking to be deported back to his native Jamaica if the release is granted.

But Buju Banton lawyers could be faced with an uphill battle since the changes don’t applied to inmates serving the minimum sentence.

The only way around that is to make a full confession of the crimes you were convicted for and cooperate with authorities in any investigations.

I highly doubt Buju Banton will confessed to any crime he know he did not commit.

The reggae singer is currently serving his sentence in McRae, Georgia. He is scheduled to be released in 2019.

In his legal docs, Buju Banton contends that he has been working since starting his prison sentenced and has “very good conducts.”


  1. Say u did buju

  2. If Buju had kids born in the US under Obama immigration law he had a better chance . I saw they just released this spanish guy ,but if you ever been arrested I don’t know if you are qualified to stay in the US .

    • lol no Buju was never ‘illegal’ or ‘ out of status’ hes jam with work visa so that dumb law wouldnt even apply to him

  3. This magazine is clearly in need of either a writer or someone to proofread articles before they are published. Where did this writer learn the English language?

    • Maybe this writer isn’t a native English speaker.

      • lol! they do spell s_t wrong all the time tho,its their job they should check it before sending out ,recently they wrote ‘DAMINA MARLEY’ bold letters and all lmao.

      • I know FM but I think it’s more than spelling errors. I think the comments are about their work being unintelligible coupled with grammatical errors. Some of the comments are not helpful. eg:”the writers must be from an island” , “this site is ghetto” ” I know they speak like that but they right like that too?”

      • oh that i dont agree with, grammar and accent/dialect are not the same ting, did she edit her comment? id preffer this site in patois lol

      • I lambasted that lady with the “island comment.” dwl Let’s say my mom calls me from back home in my country and I’m talking to here in America the people listening will assume 1. I’m speaking broken English 2. I’m uneducated based on the way I speak because they recognize the language as English.

        Now let’s say I was Haitian and I was speaking that French chit in America their assumption would be damn Salena you’re bilingual.

      • Lolll… Thats why you should never care what people think. I know what you mean tho. Ive six accents n none of em match way i look. People will always be people, fk em. Lol

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  5. Send Buju Home ??????????????

  6. Who tell Buju not to take a plea deal ?

    • plea deal for what? hed be felon and hed have to snitch. what for?

      • Listen are you an atty federal you must serve 75 percent of your time . It’s better for them to deport Buju . Buju doesn’t have to snitch atty get paid to do their job . Not good when the federal government have you that’s the worse .

      • He is innocent and entire case should be dismissed.Noone should ever plead guilty or plea deal- ever, but even if he did lowlife move, hed be deported same way eventually- hed do lots of years if he pleaded cuz lesser charge would be felony still-federal too cuz , hes not resident or citizen here; this entire case was a circus from the begining, america broke their own rules openly, but he did not have proper reps to challege n beat it way it should have been, also he has no rights here as a resident so they pimped it. So plea or trial,or not, hed be fried same.

      • Listen am a big Buju Banton fan since as you know so much contact the federal government . What has the Jamaican government done to free Buju . You can say all you want dealing with the federal government is the worse . I have a feeling they will send him home let’s see if they send him home .

      • His trial wasnt a secret, lol what u mean? He would deal n be charged by federal govt regardless , he is not a resident which automatically makes it immigration case as well.
        Of course jam govt didnt do nothing but probably cooperated with velvets, like weak s..ers they are- besides,they couldnt if they wanted to.
        Yes they will send him home because he was granted re trial which they wont bother beating – its y it was granted to begin with. Soon free !


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  9. Free up Buju Banton and send him back home to Jamaica to us.

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