Buju Banton Wants Court To Release Him And Deport Him To Jamaica

Buju Banton is seeking a early release from prison, as well as, deportation back to Jamaica.

The Grammy-winning reggae star is currently serving a 10-year sentence for his 2011 drug trafficking conviction.

According to Tampa Bay Tribune, Buju Banton lawyers filed a motion in court last week seeking a early release following some recent changes to the way drug traffickers are sentenced.

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Banton is also asking to be deported back to his native Jamaica if the release is granted.

But Buju Banton lawyers could be faced with an uphill battle since the changes don’t applied to inmates serving the minimum sentence.

The only way around that is to make a full confession of the crimes you were convicted for and cooperate with authorities in any investigations.

I highly doubt Buju Banton will confessed to any crime he know he did not commit.

The reggae singer is currently serving his sentence in McRae, Georgia. He is scheduled to be released in 2019.

In his legal docs, Buju Banton contends that he has been working since starting his prison sentenced and has “very good conducts.”