Buju Banton Could Be Released From Prison This Year

Buju Banton could be a free man as early as this year.

The embattled reggae star’s legal team, headed by Harvard law professor Charles Ogletree, will be making a case for a new trial in the U.S. court of appeal.

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Ogletree says he is expecting the judge to reverse Buju Banton conviction based on two main problems with the case.

“I will be arguing somewhere in the 11th circuit it can be in Miami or other parts of the country it depends on who is sitting that day and what time its going to be,” Ogletree said.

“The two major issue is the fact that an informant was the one who set him up, number one, and number two was a juror doing research during the trial which makes no sense at all, about Buju Banton and about other issues and we found that out after the trial,” the law professor added.

Charles Ogletree also call on Buju Banton fans to come out in support of the incarcerated reggae singer on the date or the argument.

Buju Banton, real name Mark Myrie, is currently serving a 10-year sentenced in a South Florida prison.

The Grammy-winning singer was convicted in 2011 on three counts of cocaine related charges.

His sentence would come to an end in 2019, but Buju Banton has strongly maintained his innocence.


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    Professor Charles Ogletree will make Buju feel like the luckiest man on the planet when the charges are reversed and he’s set free.

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