Rihanna And Her Friends Doing “Puppy Tail” Dance [VIDEO]

Whats badder than Rihanna doing the “Puppy Tail” dance and no it’s not twerking. Puppy Tail is the new dance craze in dancehall in case you have no clue what it is.

When Rihanna is in Barbados she is a heauxm, at least that is what she said on Instagram.

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But it’s this video posted on Instagram by her BFF Melissa Forde that got everyone talking.

Rihanna is currently in Barbados spending some time with her family and friends. After a few shots of rum punch this is what they do. When she is not chilling at home she is by the beach doing the “Puppy Tail” dance.

After spending the last couple of months recording her 8th album, Rihanna is now spending some quality down time with her family. The album is rumored to be due for release by year end or early next year.

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