Karrueche Tran Making Rihanna Jealous Over Chris Brown On Instagram

Karrueche Tran and Chris Brown relationship is at the best we’ve ever seen, it’s almost as if they find the right formula.

There have been rumors that Rihanna is jealous of their relationship and Karrueche Tran is rubbing it in her face every chance she gets.

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Sources close to the couple told Urban Islandz that both Karrueche and Rihanna are jealous of each other.

“They both are jealous of each other but this time Karrueche is winning because she got the man both of them want,” the source said.

“K is rubbing it in RiRi’s face and on Instagram everyday and RiRi is watching better believe that,” the source added.

Just two weeks ago Karrueche Tran posted the below meme of herself and Instagram.

“Whooooooooo makes these? she wrote in the caption.

???????????????????????? whooooooooo makes these?

A photo posted by karrueche (@karrueche) on

A photo posted by karrueche (@karrueche) on

Let’s not forget that Chris Brown just rented out a swanky mansion in Los Angeles for almost $5000 per month for Karrueche.

So clearly she is winning the battle for now.


  1. Chris just have to settle for kae cause i think he is fed up of begging rhi rhi and rh irhi stay making coins while kae thinks about dick on butt.

  2. Rihanna does have instagram, best believe she knows. we are all guilty of stalking our ex or people who used to be close to us, if we know their twitter name. no matter how hard u try to resist, u will check, no matter how much it hurts u,just to see what they are up to. especially if u still carry some feelings… the internet makes it less easy to get over a significant other because it’s so easy to look them up and see what they r doing. back in the day when there was not all this social stuff people moved on easier I strongly believe that. Nowadays u have to worry about ur significant other on millions of applications, looking at women’s pictures and in a way it’s a temptation… ppl can get together way easier now with just the tap of a finger.. apps like hot or not, tinder… we are the generation of instant gratification, obsession and over-exposure… pictures that used to be private are now on display… and if she isn’t checking for him she is DEFINITLEY HEARING about it or seeing it thru some other way – maybe by chance on someone else’s page or someone bringing it up. come on, it’s all over twitter it’s hard to miss. her navy especially will mock them all the time so in that way she is aware as well.

  3. I felt the same way when I seen her posting about them like everyday… I just feel like it’s overload now. and she is rubbing it in. big time.

  4. I think Rihanna has enough since to sit back and wait on a REAL PRINCE CHARMING, not PRINCE HARMING. I think jealousy is a wild word to use, I mean think about it Rihanna can probably have a lot of men in Hollywood, the only pick K.T. really has is PRINCE HARMING (Harming himself, Harming others, and Harming Morality). Come-on guys, Rihanna is building up her womanhood for the REAL PRINCE and when he does, she’ll want for, need for, or yearn for NOTHING!

  5. Rihanna is Far from jealous of Karreuche Sponge Tran. Don’t flatter yourself little wanna bee . You dont have the Beauty, Brains , & Class that our Rihanna has. Not to mention Talent, in everything she does and accomplishes in the largest way. Sorry to burst your Using Ass, but you’ll never be in Rihanna’s caliber ever. She’s so over you and chris brown, & if she wanted him he’ d be there. Sad so sad you still hold on even w him in love w someone else. ZIKE!

  6. Poor Chris & his gf.EVERYTHING RIH SAYS & DOES. …. These two post something on IG to mock her. If it wasn’t for Rih these two wouldn’t still be pretending their together. If Rih wanted to mess with them all she has to do is go get a fine man and that would be the end of the triangle theory.

  7. Bea Houseoffashion

    HA HA HA….Too funny. Rihanna doesn’t give a hoot.

  8. She’s toooo short to feel it against her butt…….the middle of her back more likely.

  9. I doubt either 1 of them is jealous, especially not rihanna, but media will print whatever to get ratings, its distasteful and shameful. I hope neither one of these girls are trying to compete with the other or show off pon di other one. that would be childish and a waste of time

  10. Who comes up with these lies. Rihanna wants nothing to do with these people.

  11. Rih shouldn’t be jealous at all. Chris is still overweight and has aged prematurely. When you’re 25 you should look the best you have ever looked but that’s not the case for Chris. Rihanna is over this and she has been over for quite a while. If anything, Karrueche looks desperate and thirsty. Why try to make someone jealous, if you are sure the guy is yours? If you know he is yours, you don’t need to try hard to prove anything. Ktran is obviously obsessed and has not matured, not one bit in these 4 years. Pathetic.

  12. I doubt Riri is jealous of her, I’m pretty sure she has better things to do than watch them.

  13. But how is that making another woman jealous if you posting pictures of you and your man… Lol Obvious if Rihanna stop watching she won’t feel that way.. I thought she was supposedly moved on and isn’t looking for no man.. Lol