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Yendi Phillipps Files For Custody Of Child With Chino

Yendi Phillipps and dancehall deejay Chino McGregor are currently locked in custody battle following their split.

Earlier this year reports surfaced that the Jamaican beauty queen and the dancehall star have split after being engaged for about a year. The couple has a 2-year-old daughter.

According to reports, Yendi Phillipps has now filed for full custody of their daughter Isreal.

Yendi also filed court docs requesting child support of JM$60,000. She is also requesting full physical and legal custody and that the child’s medical and school expenses be split in half.

She also want the court to grant Chino visitation rights twice per week days and once on the weekend.

Sources close to Chino told Urban Islandz that their relationship has been strained over the past year.

“They are not together and their relationship has been strained but Chino love his daughter very much and has always taken care of her,” the source told us.

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  1. wtf is this new trend that has been sweeping the globe lately?? its like men have no say inna dem pickney life again. how a woman can restrict me fi simi pickney twice a week? wah gwan wid dem man yah who just feel fine without being more involved inna dem pickney life? yuh think a woman coulda tell me seh mi can see mi pickney twice a week? and wah mi fi a pay so much money? yuh mad nuh bumboclaat. wtf is up with child support anyways? man fi mind dem pickney and how…… bwoy mi a tell yuh this child support shyt is bullshyt (for the most part; necessary in some cases still) everytime yuh tun round is a next fckn child support saga. and den yuh hear dem a complain bout equal rights and double standards. mi bun a rassclaat fire pon child support now and forevermore if the baby father is a good father weh mind and care fi him yutes