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Splitville… Yendi Phillipps And Chino Split

Dancehall’s hottest new couple, Chino McGregor and Yendi Phillipps, could be heading down splitville already.

Rumors have been heating up online this week that the two have split after only dating for around two years.

PHOTO: Chino And Yendi Phillipps Daughter Isreal Naomi Celebrate 1st Birthday

In 2012 Yendi Phillipps and Chino came out publicly with their relationship. They first announced it on social media before doing an interview with the Observer. Later that year the beauty queen gave birth to their first child, a baby girl name Isreal. The two also announced their engagement around that time.

But that has been well over a year and they did not tie the knot.

So far the couple has remained tight lipped on the breakup rumors.


  1. but this article nah seh nuttin. personally i think this is just a rumor cause i dont see any evidence. cyah go a court wid hear-seh

  2. I never saw this coming . I like them both . There were also things about Jahcure and his wife . There were times Jahcure wasn’t posting pics . Some thing surface and he started putting pics right away . In Jamaica people know too much in people business . Look at Jay Z and Beyonc√© the website put false story about them . They both keep every thing private . Yendi made a big mistake when she put all her business on the Internet . She is a gorgeous woman she should leave Jamaica . I am a fan of both .