Vybz Kartel – Jamaica Land We Love Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Park up the s class
Mi ride the bike
Bare gyal a seh mi have a type a side shi like
Have a spliff but mi cyaa even find the light
Oh see yah, my delight
Selassie know seh Jamaica a paradise
Yow a just the money man waan and wi haffi nice
Pretty gyal dash weh that a Addi choice
Yo no si the big bumper weh in a Jackie tights
Ghetto living cooler than happy ice
But in a the war it hot many fahrenheit
Hey bwoy don’t move that a squaddy voice
Yea that yo seh, mi a run fi mi happy life
Everybody waan fame till Cali 9
Every youth waan turn a killer and carry 9
Christian seh repent and watch the times
And a seh the money cyaa save
Gun contest grave yard a the prize
Bright light have a new coffin fi yo body size
Meck wi party, get gyal happy vibes
No try balisiasm, listen to selassie voice

Eternal father bless our land
Gide us wid Jah mighty right hand
Keep us free from power and shower
Whole a wi a one yaw man
Jamaica, Jamaica land we love
Jamaica, Jamaica land we love
Jamaica, Jamaica land we love
Jamaica, Jamaica land we love

(Verse 2)
The country cyaa tek a next bad man
Go tell Wanada, go tell the one don
Yard man in a US and London
Stop send money bout you a build damn gang
Da second verse yah get mad man
You mister police yo need some sanction
A governments response fi yo action
So mi naw vote without satisfaction
Why you haffi kill so man black man
Innocent, all the blind si seh that wrong
MP give wi likkle more traction
Pop song ghetto is a fatal attraction
Ramping shop meck us come in
Yo nop band poverty, but you a band song
Weh dem get fi dem budget plan from
Tell Caralin tube caw this is a bad song

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Verse 1)

(Repeat Chorus)