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Melanie Chisholm Diss Rihanna, Says She Too Raunchy For Daughter

Melanie Chisholm don’t want her daughter listening to Rihanna music or go anywhere near hear.

The former Spice Girl simply thinks that Rihanna is way too raunchy for her 5-year-old daughter Scarlett.

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Mel C has been known to outspoken about pop stars like Rihanna, Miley Cyrus and Beyonce for flaunting too much of their body in their music.

During a recent interview, Mel C says her daughter loves Rihanna but has no idea what she really looks like.

“My five-year-old loves Rihanna,” Mel C said. “But she has no idea what her idol looks like because there’s little footage that I’m happy for her to see. It’s a shame that a talented, successful woman expresses herself in such an overtly sexual way.”

“It’s vulgar and narcissistic and I worry about how it affects girls.”

“There are some great artists out there, but sometimes we could just do with a bit more dignity.”

Apparently Rihanna has not heard about this as yet because there is no response so far from the feisty Bajan pop star.

Do you think Rihanna is too raunchy for kids?


  1. Never hear of you Past, gone, expire who forcing you to listen or watch Rihanna

  2. I imagine the next story being Rihanna takes a whale sized dump. Beyonce finally wigs out.Jayz is exposed as having tit injections.Wiz Khalifa rescues another tortured soul from a life of crowd surfing.Solange is finally given an exorcist…. and so on.

    Oh sometimes shyt goes down when some idiot press the wrong button on the elevator.