Fantasia Baby Daddy Suing Her For Custody Of Child

Fantasia Barrino baby daddy Brandel Shouse has suddenly surfaced and her is demanding custody of their teenage daughter.

According to TMZ, Shouse filed legal documents suing Fantasia and demanding physical and legal custody of their 13-year-old daughter Zion.

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Shouse claimed that he has been a better parent than Barrino. But the former American Idol winner says all that is BS and he has never been anything more than an abusive sperm donor.

Fantasia has fired back filing legal docs demanding child support for all those years. She says he is employed and able bodied and can ante up the cash.

Shouse and Fantasia were high school sweethearts but they split after he pleaded guilty for choking and beating her up.


  1. The worthless deadbeat baby daddy wants to get paid he don’t care about his daughter! His broke ass needs to take several seats and find a job!

    • Exactly, that’s what he want her to support him…unreal what women have to put up with.

      • You know girl! As my mum would say “him need 2 b**ch lick inna him life fi sart him out caasin him too bright and outta orda”!lol

      • LMAO my mom used to say that BL word too. Those older JA moms was a riot, my kids and I talk about my mom all the time she was one tough but smart lady. She’s gone 10yrs now.