Rihanna Tapped For Next James Bond Girl With Daniel Craig

Rihanna could be the next pretty lady that James Bond is interested in.

The ladies staring alongside the fictional character are always drop dead gorgeous and Rihanna would fit right into the role.

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According to OK! magazine, the producers of the upcoming James Bond film have approach Rihanna for a cameo role.

Rihanna is reportedly ecstatic about the rule and thinks it would be great for her acting career.

“Rihanna is a big fan of the Bond films and has always loved the idea of appearing in one,” a source said. “She didn’t even need to think about it, she knows she wants to do it.”

Rihanna made her big screen debut in the blockbuster movie Battleship in 2012. The film was a big hit at the box office.

Actor Daniel Craig will also return as James Bond.